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This is what you're doing tonight: Heligoats at the Comet

You remember Heligoats, right? Of course you do: sweet, Bellingham-spun, beautifully delirious frontman of the band Chris Otepka was kind enough to grace us with his presence with a solo performance at our Imaginary Holiday Spectacular last year. Tonight, he's bringing the whole band out at the Comet Tavern {yep, tonight-tonight, Thursday the 27th} and […]

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Showing out-of-town bands around Seattle: The Pauses edition

Okay, maybe “around Seattle” is a misnomer, as it was really “around Capitol Hill”. Anyway! On Monday {9/17}, I met up with Tierney, Jason, (tour drummer) Cash, and Sammy near The Comet Tavern before their show, and naturally, they were all hungry. My first thought was Bimbo’s—but a claim was made that they were all […]

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Three Imaginary Girls presents The Pauses at The Comet {9/17}

Hey! You guys! Remember way back in May 2011 when I was gushing all over The Pauses debut album, A Cautionary Tale? Well. THEY ARE FINALLY COMING TO SEATTLE TO PLAY (in support of their new split EP with Great Deceivers) and TIG is presenting the show!!!!!! There are just not enough exclamation points for […]

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Imaginary Exclusive: Blue Skies for Black Hearts cover Young Fresh Fellows

Attention all Blue Skies for Black Hearts and Young Fresh Fellows fans!!! My favorite Portland band sent me this brand spankin' new video and asked me to share it with our Imaginary readers first. The video shows BSFBH covering Young Fresh Fellows' "Aurora Bridge" — with special guest SCOTT MCCAUGHEY!! Since YFF is one of […]

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Come see my live interview w/Steve Ignorant of legendary punk band Crass tomorrow night {4/26} at The Comet

You should come to my (absolutely free, though 21+) live interview with Steve Ignorant tomorrow night (April 26) at The Comet starting at 6 pm – because Crass, the band he sang vocals for, sound better and truer and more meaningful than ever in these uber-apocalyptic times. Have a listen to their greatest non-hits collection […]

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The weekend in photos: John Vanderslice at the Croc, Lovesick Empire at the Comet

In the onslaught of “I think I can smell spring tour” shows that took over the city this weekend, we found ourselves front-and-center for some of the best sets we’ve seen yet this year. Thursday night, John Vanderslice played to a mostly-attentive yet less-than-capacity crowd at the Crocodile. Despite some technical difficulties, he put on […]

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