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We all agree music sounds better on vinyl – but how does it sound on chocolate?

This has probably been covered on every single place on every one of teh internetz but it is awesome nonetheless: Some of you may have heard but for those who haven't, Innerpartysystem is releasing a 7" of their single "Don't Stop" in the UK, and it's on chocolate and fully functional! The Pennsylvanian group will […]

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The New York Dolls @ El Corazon

Show Date: March 2, 2008

There is a great line in the movie Sunset Blvd where William Holden's character Joe Gillis says, “there's nothing tragic about being fifty. Not unless you're trying to be twenty-five.” That quote was running through my head often as I was watching the New York Dolls' very enjoyable set at El Corazon last Sunday night. […]

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In this month's Seattle Sound Magazine…

Exciting news! The kind folks at Seattle Sound Magazine wrote a sweet article about the Three Imaginary Girls holiday show (December 20, 2007). I'm particularly glad that someone documented the wee electrical fire, the evening's awesome performances, and how cute Santa John Roderick was. First we had the raddist holiday show this side of Dick […]

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Siberian @ El Corazon

Show Date: December 29, 2007

One part Northwest cold, another part summertime warmth, and all soul, Siberian’s live show emanated a strange nostalgia: a tumbling spectrum of emotions encompassing all that it means to win, lose, and sometimes, just have to walk away. Despite the palpable awkwardness of the audience in El Corazon’s unchartered territory, and an ominous leaky pipe […]

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Photos from last night's Imaginary Holiday Party… a teaser for more to come!

ZOW! Last night was FABULOUS! Thanks so much to everyone that came out (you made the night over the top fun) and to the bands (you were amazing!) and to El Corazon (you stepped in and gave the party a home)!!! There's going to be more photos coming in and everyone's photos with Santa will […]

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