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Show Date: August 14, 2002

Asahi were a gentle, lovely musical presence, with front-man Tomo Nakayama and co-vocalist Kelly McDougall providing the perfect harmonies. She's so still, and he's so animated. Everyone in this band looks great — as in, eye candy for all. Sweet! And the sound. Ooh la la! Their voices are both gorgeous, and the music is […]

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Show Date: August 14, 2002

Argo has been on our imaginary radar for some time now. We keep encountering Justin Benson and Matt Benham all over town, from shows to karaoke nights to more shows. Normally I would clarify which instrument each band member plays {i.e., Justin Benson (guitarist)}; however, in the case of Argo, I can't, because they all […]

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Show Date: August 12, 2002

The crazy thing about Múm is that they look so darn… regular. I mean, let’s face it; the four members that make up the band are anything but mundane. First and foremost, they are from Iceland and don’t tell me that doesn’t immediately trigger forgotten memories of the Sugarcubes and the suspicion that everyone in […]

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Automaton with Bitesize

Show Date: August 7, 2002

Last Wednesday, I decided to celebrate my triumphant return to Seattle (from the bowels of the suburbs, not from some exotic locale, fyi) by going out on a weeknight. Fortunately for me, Automaton was playing at the I-Spy, meaning that not only was there a band I could sing along to, but also my repressed […]

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It's MY Party

"Yesterday I got so old it made me want to cry" "Come to wish me an unhappy birthday" "Like a birthday, or a pretty view" Etc etc… The theme of growing another year older is a popular one for new wave pop, apparently. Such was the case last Friday night, when I had the auspicious […]

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Oh, Has the World Changed or Have I Changed?

Show Date: July 7, 2002

It was a week of nostalgia for Imaginary Girl Dana, with the Flock of DJ sponsored Smiths-fest at i-Spy, including all-star Smiths cover band, The Unlovables… plus — a pocketful of Posies fans at the Fremont Fair…. What's this? A DJ playing all Smiths songs, all night… and a Smiths cover band, too?? My God. […]

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