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Japanese Breakfast at Neumos and Kathy Foster in Roseblood at The Vera Project • Photo by: Imaginary David

Imaginary David’s Favorite Show Photos of 2018

I like the rock and roll. I go to a lot of shows — 137 this year. I stand up front because it’s fun and have no shame because I’m old. I take pictures with a cell phone or point and shoot camera so I don’t forget the feeling. Live music is important in normal […]

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Kanye to reviewers: if you don't love me as much as I love me, don't bother (and maybe consider suicide)

Yesterday I was chatting online with a friend (and fellow rock writer) about a musician who publicly bitched about a 6.9 score they had gotten from Pitchfork and privately about a 8+ score from TIG. My point was basically, "who the hell do they think we/they are?" It wasn't as though their records were being trashed. The […]

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The Cure on tour

Just read that The Cure have expanded their 2007 tour to include North America. They hit Seattle on October 8th (albeit at Key Arena). I saw them at the Gorge years ago, and it's still one of the best shows I've ever seen (I swooned the moment I saw Robert walk on stage with those […]

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