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TOMTEN- MySpace Page Photo for 6-10-10 Recommended Show

Double shot of TOMTEN: Saturday at Mars Bar and Sunday at Skylark Cafe

Hey young rock and rollers, are you looking for cool summer jams to lower your core temperature from the blood boiling heat? Look no further. Seattle’s own TOMTEN are the musical equivalent of catching snowflakes on your tongue. If they were a delicious summertime ice cream confection, they would be one scoop Fats Waller and […]

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Rad bands for a great cause: the NFTN 2010 lineup

{photo credit: the lovely Laura Musselman, courtesy of our imaginary flickr pool} Now that we’re all done with Sasquatch, it’s time to set our sights on the next raddest lineup to hit the west coast: it’s Noise for the Needy, 2010 edition. There’s close to seventy-five bands and djs playing a baker’s dozen of venues […]

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Portland Celtic-Punk early show at Mars Bar Saturday night

Amadan is a Portland whiskey-in-the-jar rock/punk band that has been around for several years, and transcends the usual "Pogues as a genre" style through really great songwriting and very diverse instrumentation. There are synths and weird noises along with the sweeping power chords and weepy Irish ballad strings on their relentlessly autobiographical and musically multi-layered […]

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Justin Timberlake cover night at the Mars Bar on Saturday

I noticed this item on this weekend's show calendar and wanted to mention it here. Because I'm sure my friend Imaginary Stella and I aren't the only people around here with some JT songs on our iPods I should mention that the Mars Bar is having a cover night dedicated to the person who was once apathetically named […]

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Sit down and pull up a cuppa Tea or a Hot Toddie

Show Date: February 16, 2008

This night of live music opened up with Dateless, who played fast punk pop and may be wasted as an opener. While I was eating one of Cafe Venus' unusual pizzas (delicious, by the way), I kept thinking that "This can't be the first band. They're too awesome…" And honestly, I can count on one […]

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One show not to be missed this weekend: Fish the Cat Records' Toys for Tots Benefit at the Mars Bar

There are lots of great shows this weekend: the Cops all-ages CD release, the Thermals, I could go on. But one show I highly endorse would be the 7th Annual Fish the Cat Records Toys for Tots benefit at the Mars Bar. It is deserving of both a plug here on the Imaginary Blog and […]

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Show Date: October 11, 2003

I had an anonymous {or should I say imaginary?} tip off from afar which said {I quote}, "Clevergirl is coming to Seattle. Go to the show. You won't be sorry." Trusting my source, I skittered on down to the Mars Bar expecting entertainment, amusement, giggling and some sassy rock that can only be delivered by […]

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Trespassers William

Show Date: October 11, 2003

Trespassers William* is a lucid four piece band from L.A. comprised of Matt Brown on guitar/keys, Jamie Williams on drums, Anna-Lynne Williams on guitar/vocals and Ross Simonini on bass/keys. The band was loosely formed in 1997 by Matt and Anna-Lynne and has expanded to the present day Trespassers William. This dreampop quartet filled the Mars […]

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The Soundtrack of Our Lives, and Cato Salsa Experience

Show Date: November 23, 2002

As with any fine evening, my Imaginary Boy in Tow (embracey) and I met up for drinks before heading over to the Graceland. Over our regular drinks (my mandarin, soda w/ lime and embracey's so co and coke), we felt a charge of Scandinavia in the air. "I haven't felt this Ikea-rific since Lena Olin […]

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