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Fright Night

  {Fright Night opened in Seattle on Friday, August 19, and is playing at The Metro, The Meridian, and Thornton Place}  I’ll own it: when I heard they were making a Fright Night remake, I cringed inside. I’m a HUGE fan of Chris Sarandon’s vampy womanizer and William Ragsdale’s wide-eyed horror-fan teen in the original, […]

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Something Borrowed

I’d like to tell you that Something Borrowed takes a gutsy stab at making something painfully unfunny, funny – but honestly, there’s just no way to spin “sleeping with your best friend’s fiance” into something hilarious, no matter how hard you try to pad it with stereotypes and OMG! LOL! moments. This packed-with-cliches rom-com is […]

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Sunday Viewing Recommendation: Catch up on possible Oscar nominees

With the 2011 Academy Award nominee announcements coming this week on Tuesday at 5-freaking-30-am, you’ll want to catch up on all the films getting Oscar buzz – (well, I mean, IF you’re anywhere near as big a film nerd as I am you’ll want to). And hey – planting yourself in some theater seats is […]

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The Sorcerer's Apprentice

{The Sorcerer’s Apprentice opened in Seattle on Wednesday, July 14 and is playing at The Metro and The Meridian} I banned Nicolas Cage movies since he ruined The Wicker Man in 2006, yet for some reason I was curious about this because I love Jay Baruchel (Led! Zepplin! Signed my shirt!”), even though I was […]

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Three Imaginary Films to see: Ad Man Cary Grant, Crowe dons "the" Hood, and a French documentary

Putting aside SIFF madness for the moment (don’t worry; the TIG team will have plenty to say about the festival in the coming weeks) – this weekend offers a lot of new releases that I think are worthy of your theater time. [Video:] North by Northwest @Central Cinema: Of course I’m going to recommend that […]

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