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Three Imaginary Films to see: SIFF Edition

This is kind of cheating, since there’s obviously more than 3 films I think you should see at the Film Festival this weekend – but I thought I’d hit you with these and then recommend some more via SIFF Takes for full-on movie madness! Shorts Package: Pandemonium Boulevard: My favorite shorts collection this year, because […]

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SIFF Take: Air Doll

Air Doll is about Nozumi, an inflatable sex doll used as a substitute for lonely Hideo in place of a girlfriend. One day she finds a heart and comes to life, and starting to explore the world around her, quickly realizes she doesn’t actually love her "owner". Disguising her doll parts and applying for a […]

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Alice in Wonderland

{Alice in Wonderland opened in Seattle Friday, 3/5, and is playing at The Neptune, The Meridian 16 and the IMAX} I love pretty much everything Tim Burton does (outside of Planet of the Apes), but I admit: I was a little worried about this based on the previews. I went in expecting an over-the-top slap-sticky […]

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Three (plus) Imaginary films to see: Hitchcock masterpieces, a nightmare-inducing ghost story, and The Coen Bros. latest

Hitchcock Weekend @ SIFF Cinema: ohmanohman. Six films from one of my favorite directors? SIX! FILMS! And not just any six (although I might argue that every single Hitchcock film ever made is amazing and you should see them all), six really extra-amazing ones: Rear Window, Vertigo, Dial M for Murder, Strangers on a Train, […]

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Three to see: apocalyptic animation, electric guitar love, and Melvin Van Peebles playing himself from age 10-47

9 (at the Neptune, AMC Pacific Place and Oak Tree Cinemas): I’m trying to ignore the song playing in this trailer, because frankly it gives me a headache, but the animation is so mind-blowingly awesome and I’m such a sucker for dark, creepy animation that I absolutely HAVE to get out and see this immediately. […]

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