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Something Borrowed

I’d like to tell you that Something Borrowed takes a gutsy stab at making something painfully unfunny, funny – but honestly, there’s just no way to spin “sleeping with your best friend’s fiance” into something hilarious, no matter how hard you try to pad it with stereotypes and OMG! LOL! moments. This packed-with-cliches rom-com is […]

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To paraphrase a popular T-shirt,  there are 11 types of people in the world: – Those who are confident in the belief that they who would NEVER enjoy a road movie about two guys picking up a wisecracking, foulmouthed, pop culture-obsessed ET hitchhiker (personally I think such people are weird – but I’m sure they […]

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The Town

{The Town opened in Seattle on Friday, September 17th at the Guild 45th, Oak Tree Cinemas and AMC Pacific Place} Ben Affleck’s second feature, The Town, proves to me once again that he’s a better director than actor. This is only unfortunate because he also plays the main character and he’s in almost every scene—but […]

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