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The Box: AKA How to ruin a perfectly good Twilight Zone episode

{The Box opened in Seattle today, Friday 11/6 and is playing at The Metro, Oak Tree Cinemas, and Pacific Place} After seeing Director Richard Kelly’s long-anticipated thriller The Box, I imagined that his decision to make it originated like so; “Oh, you people didn’t like the futuristic-comic-booky-comedy-political-musical statement (Southland Tales) I created? You just want […]

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Three Imaginary films to see: gothy 80s vamps, some aviator chick, and a comedic documentary

The Hunger @ the Egyptian: The finest midnight selection I could imagine. If you have never seen this cult classic, you absolutely must. Catherine Deneuve will rock you senseless as chic rocker vamp Miriam, David Bowie is perfect as her ill-fated lover, and Susan Sarandon is just, well, HOT (and I haven’t even mentioned the […]

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Three to see: Drew’s take on roller girls, Gervais’ feature directorial debut, and a classic Sci-Fi double feature

Whip It at Pacific Place and the Metro:  I’ve no doubt that this is going to be cheesy, sentimental, and packed full of emotional girly moments – but I’ll also admit: that’s exactly what I’m hoping for. I love Drew Barrymore & Ellen Page to death, and I also love me some tough girl skatin’! […]

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Three to see: apocalyptic animation, electric guitar love, and Melvin Van Peebles playing himself from age 10-47

9 (at the Neptune, AMC Pacific Place and Oak Tree Cinemas): I’m trying to ignore the song playing in this trailer, because frankly it gives me a headache, but the animation is so mind-blowingly awesome and I’m such a sucker for dark, creepy animation that I absolutely HAVE to get out and see this immediately. […]

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