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Maybe the best Tuesday night ever? John Roderick's Rendezvous is here!

We had the fortune of attending the opening night of John Roderick's most recent endeavor yesterday, a little something called John Roderick's Rendezvous. It's part lecture series, part guest, part Q and A, and even features a little music — and by gosh, we. are. HOOKED. For six bucks, just about every other Tuesday, you […]

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Sabrina Chap takes over Seattle this weekend/week! (and releases an album with your help)

Doesn't this photo say, "Fuckyeah, I'm awesome!"? Photo by: Dave Sanders  So last year around this same time, I discovered an album called Oopma by lovely, honey-voiced Sabrina Chap – and I'm pleased to announce that she's coming back to Seattle with a week full of shows! Burlesque, caberet, piano-playing, crooning – you name it, Sabrina […]

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Weekend roundup: Feist, The Young Evils

The weekend kicked off early with a spectacular, layered performance by Feist at the Moore Theater this past Thursday night. Taking the stage after a perfect warm up set of equal parts smartypants literary comedy and ivory-tickling brilliance by Chilly Gonzales, Leslie Feist and her accomplices proved worthy of every last penny of her ticket […]

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Party time! Don't miss the Young Evils at the Rendezvous tomorrow {11/19}

Friends! Clear your calendar for Saturday night! The Young Evils are playing a set at the Rendezvous! Yep, you read that right: The Young Evils, mega-awesome alt.indie.modern-pop Seattle band extraordinaire, fresh off PJ20 — will be playing Saturday night at the Rendezvous, a gorgeous little sit-down theater that's approximately the capacity of our living room. […]

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The Velvet Richman Division

Show Date: October 15, 2011

Since I'm such an opinionated music lover (some would say "music snob"), I have fairly rigid ideas about successfully pulling off a cover tune. The way I see it, there are generally two ways you can go. The first is to do a note-perfect rendition of whatever song it is you loved enough to perform […]

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STIFF Take: The Sandman

{The Sandman screens as part of Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival at The Jewelbox Theater (at the Rendezvous) on Tuesday 6/7 at 4pm} Bright, beautiful, romantic, and incredibly bizarre The Sandman is a must see film. It would easily be one of my top films of SIFF 2011, except for the fact that it’s playing […]

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Indie-pop abounds at the Rendezvous tonight! {6/3}

One final reminder about the big indie-pop extravaganza TONIGHT at the Rendezvous! The evening has morphed into a mini-popfest featuring the finest soft-core indie-pop flow: – Monnone Alone is the moniker for Mark Monnone’s post-Lucksmiths project that, as you expect, charms with Aussie DIY magnetism. – The Special Places will bring on the sweetheart pop […]

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STIFF Take (No, That's Not a Typo & I Am Happy to See You…)

The final (sniffle) week of SIFF approaching portends the beginning of another annual Seattle film tradition, STIFF.  This Friday {6/3} the Seattle True Independent Film Festival opens it’s doors to go mano-a-mano with their more established counterpart SIFF.  Yeah, yeah – I get that there’s a tradition of counterprogrammed fests, more voices are good, yada […]

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Seattle's very own one-night popfest: The Smittens, Math & Physics Club, The Special Places, Monnone Alone {ex-Lucksmiths}

The best thing about the San Francisco PopFest, besides the fabulous line-up gathered in one city over five consecutive days for the massive delight of p-fest attendees, is fact that all of those PopFest bands sometimes spread their west coast wings and, in the most wonderful of cases, travel north to visit us in Seattle. […]

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