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Lane 1974

SIFF 2017 Preview: Northwest Connections

Get your calendars out and get ready to plan your screenings of NW films this year! Northwest Connections at SIFF honors films that are connected to the Puget Sound region—celebrating cinema filmed in and around Seattle, local filmmakers, and local actors. Helmed by The Stranger Genius Award winner Webster Crowell, Rocketmen looks like a fun time. […]

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DEAL ALERT: Imaginaries can save $3 on music films at SIFF!

Dearest Imaginaries,  We are super-pleased to announce that we've just partnered with SIFF to get a not-so-imaginary discount for our readers on music-related films! SIFF Cinema Uptown is screening the rockumentary about 70's band Death, A Band Called Death, on 6/28, 6/29, and 6/30, and a special one night only presentation of the Low Movie (How […]

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Imaginary Rich's Recommendations for SIFF Weekend #2

There's a lot of stuff going on every day at SIFF between now and June 9th. To try and cut through some of the clutter, I wanted to share some recommendations for this long Memorial Day weekend. I've only seen a small fraction of the SIFF films (hard as that may be to believe), so […]

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SIFF 2013: Week One Highlights

SIFF's opening night film was, as I'm sure you've heard, Much Ado About Nothing — a title which we're all hoping doesn't apply to the ever-varied lineup of this year's iteration of our beloved local cinema gorge-a-thon. Whether or not you were lucky enough to get tix to opening night's Whedonverse fantasia (or the following […]

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SIFF 2013 Preview: NW Connections

Time to outline my favorite SIFF program: NW Connections! Anytime I see a bunch of local filmmakers, local locations, or really — ANY KIND OF CONNECTION to my hometown I get a little excited, so give me a minute. Because I am hyperventilating over this first one:  Lynn Shelton's new film (YAYYYYYYY!) Touchy Feely, stars […]

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Revelatory doc on The Source Family at SIFF Cinema Film Center

{The Source Family opens Friday, May 3 at 9 PM at the SIFF Cinema at the Film Center in Seattle Center, 305 Harrison Street, and runs through May 9, 2013. Source Family members Makushla, Omne, and Rain Aquarian will be at the premier in person.} For underground music fans of the god-jam variety (namely, psyche heads) […]

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Are you SIFFcurious? Festival madness kicks off soon!

SIFF 2013 kicks off on Thursday, May 16 — that's a little less than FOUR WEEKS AWAY. Our imaginary movie team has started pouring through the list of films, dividing up review assignments, and cage-matching for interview ops. Watch for previews/reviews/interviews/ALLTHEVIEWS on our SIFF 2013 page starting this week. And! We love this beautiful SIFFcurious […]

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Imaginary film report: Antiviral and Mental open today in Seattle

First up, Antiviral: screening at Grand Illusion Cinema , 4/19-4/25. Antiviral is about an evolution in the way people view celebrity. Placed in a future bathed in clean white, the film centers on Syd, a salesman at a popular clinic where the commodity is live infections taken from celebs. A celeb gets infected or sick with […]

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The Comedy

The Comedy will be adored by dark-hearted '70s cinema misfits {at SIFF, 12/7}

{The Comedy opens in Seattle on Friday, December 7, and is screening at the SIFF Film Center} Director Rick Alverson is in a band called Spokane, and works with their creative and successful independent label Jagjagwuar, to make films two films before the just-released The Comedy, The Builder (2010) and New Jerusalem (2011). He's also done […]

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