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God’s Pocket

Oof. I didn’t expect watching one of the last films Phillip Seymour Hoffman was in would be so … awkward, but it was. And for more than just the obvious reasons. God’s Pocket is the first feature from Actor and Director John Slattery (aka Roger Sterling on Mad Men), and while the movie features some […]

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Dark Horse

{Dark Horse opens in Seattle on Friday, 8/3, and is screening at the Landmark Varsity Theatre} Admittedly light for a Todd Solondz film, Dark Horse still employs the director’s gift of peeling back the layers of life, giving you a glimpse into all things unpleasant—whether you want to see them or not. Abe (Jordan Gelber, […]

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{Elena opens at the Landmark Varsity Theater on Friday July 13th} Elena is a slow moving but extremely well made film that details the choices people can make for their family when their back is against the wall. Or maybe it's an allegory about post-communist Russia and how everything is just business, even marital relations. […]

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I Wish

{I Wish opened at the Varsity Landmark Theatre on Friday 6/22, and sceens through this Thursday, 6/28} While it may feel a smidge longish I Wish is a film that most people will agree on as a delightfully pleasant watch. Hirokazu Koreeda the director of the fabulous film Still Walking delivered his latest fine cinematic […]

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El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

{El Bulli: Cooking in Progress opens in Seattle on Friday, December 2nd, and is screening at the Landmark Varsity Theater} El Bulli: Cooking in Progress is a documentary that follows the modern day equivalent of Willy Wonka through a year long cycle of their world famous restaurant. It's shot in a way that some people […]

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