WOO HOO! (Because that seems to be the only song everyone knows by Blur)

Thrilling news from Jolly Olde England, Britpop fans: Blur is reuniting for a show in Hyde Park on July 3, 2009!

Though you may rightfully ask yourself, "Why are you telling me this? I live in Seattle," we all know what tends to happen with reunions — an ill-advised tour. Though there's no word on that, there is word that even Graham Coxon is on board, like some kind of Christmas miracle.┬áThis is the first time the entire lineup will be together on stage since 2000.

I believe there is a saying, something to the effect of "Every time Damon Albarn changes his mind about a Blur reunion, an angel gets its wings…." Let's hope everyone can keep their egos in check long enough to inspire them to eventually travel stateside.