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Brand new song from Still Flyin

photo from press release

{photo from press release}

We’re pleased to bring you a brand new song from our favoritist hammjamm million piece San Francisco Band, Still Flyin. Imaginary Liz was completely obsessed with their song “The Hott Chord Is Struck” (and the fact it sounds like he’s saying “tits”) for pretty much the last year straight. This new jam, “Runaway Train II” doesn’t quite have the explosive energy the name suggests, but it’s got a great 70’s groove and contains all the necessary pieces that equate to a damn fine dance party.

You lucky ducks who are headed to San Francisco Popfest get to shake your groove thing with them on May 29th at the Rickshaw Stop with All Girl Summer Fun Band, BOAT, Cars Can Be Blue, and the Art Museums (could there be a more swoon worthy show?). Check out the full San Francisco Popfest Lineup here!

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imaginary liz’s favorite songs from the last decade that are worthy of recognition

I hope I’m not getting too granular with my listage, but given the empowering nature of  turning the page on the decade, I can’t help myself–I wanted to make sure that that certain song gems didn’t go unrewarded for their brilliance.

Thusly, I compiled the below list of songs released in the last decade that are total A+++, but who’s album didn’t make it on my favs of the decade list… either because the song is from an EP or single; the album is good, but not as solid as the 75 albums that made my list; a bunch of other albums by the band/artists appeared on the list; or I just was bad with tabulating and this should have been on the list based on the strength of said song alone.

Please enjoy the below a recap of the top 10 songs from the last decade that amaze me beyond belief (and didn’t make my favorite albums of the decade list). What splashes of song brilliance rocked your 2000-2009? I bet between all of us we could make the most amazing quad-mix cd ever!

The White Stripes – “You’re Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)” from the album De Stijl

It’s impossible for me to not jump up and down (my preferred dance move) throughout this entire song.

Idlewild – “Roseability” from 100 Broken Windows

Listening to this song again and again reminds me of one of my favorite shows of the decade (and perhaps will inspire a list recounting them) — seeing a sea of Scottish flags wave as Idlewild launched into this song at T in the Park in 2002.

The Free French – “Do You Come Here Often?” from the album Running on Batteries

My love of this song lead me to find the lead singer of the Free French and now one of my favorite tweeters, Rhodri. Perhaps I should take it up with him on twitter regarding the sad state that no video can be found!!! Here’s a mono MP3 of the song for you to hear what I’m going on about.

Smoosh – “Rad” from the album She Like Electric

Seriously RAD. These two girls are examples of all that is good in the world. Even though I have had nothing to do with their upbringing, I still beam with pride at the mention of Smoosh. Perhaps because it restores all my faith in the future.

Voxtrot – “Raised by Wolves” from on the Raised by Wolves EP

This song and single/EP was so good, I think it really made it hard for the band to release a full-length album after all the hype and critical acclaim garnered from “Raised by Wolves.” In hindsight I think *we all* were a little hard on their 2007 self-titled album. Although it was no “Raised by Wolves,” the chorus “Firecracker / Firecracker” is pretty stellar.

Math And Physics Club – “White and Grey” from the Movie Ending Romance EP

There’s not an official video for this. I guess I should only fall in love with songs for which there are mega-super-fans who will create endless videos for it using garden tools and barbies (see also: White Stripes, Bright Eyes).

Bright Eyes – “Take It Easy (Love Nothing)” from the album Digital Ash in a Digital Urn

I was *this close* to putting the Bright Eyes song I Will Be Grateful for This Day, I Will Be Grateful for Each Day To Come which is from a SubPop 7″ of the same name. Turning on the record player to hear that song first thing in the morning was the primary reason I got out of bed for the entirety of the year 2001. You think I’m kidding? (see also: my Bright Eyes 101 article)

This song won out because I think that it is just as incredible, and it is less likely to throw one of you into a fit of depression or obsession. My advice? Listen to both of them and report back to me.

Two Gallants – “Nothing to You” from What the Toll Tells

This song is a universal. Regardless of where it is played, a hush falls on any crowd, followed by scary and deep introspection.

Hello Seahorse! – “Wont Say Anything” from the album Hoy A Las Ocho

When I’m feeling down, I put on this song and the world is ok. It also makes me want to go get my hair cut like the lead singer of Hello Seahorse!.


Still Flyin – “The Hott Chord Is Struck” from the album Never Gonna Touch The Ground

Are you tired of this song yet? Me neither!!! It always brings on the party… complete with magical appearance of a man in a captains hat.


{stylish photo by nancyo23}

Imaginary Scoop Love Is All Still Flyin TacocaT

Love Is All and Still Flyin at Neumo's tonight

Sweden's Love Is All return to Seattle tonight, with indie pop party band Still Flyin (who I caught in San Francisco a few weekends ago) for a delicious indie pop dance party at Neumo's.

Last time I caught Love Is All, I really enjoyed them. To celebrate the indie pop wonders that will occur tonight, here's Love Is All's new video for "Last Choice" from last year's amazing A Hundred Things That Keep Me Up At Night.

This is perhaps one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

Local kids TacocaT open! 21+, doors at 8pm.

Live Show Review Oh No! Oh My! Pelle Carlberg Rickshaw Stop Still Flyin Suburban Kids with Biblical Names

San Francisco Popfest: Day 1 {Thursday}

Welcome to the very official {and very imaginary} Three Imaginary Girls San Francisco Popfest 2009 recap!

We were lucky enough to have THREE of our own imaginaries there! Myself, Steve Louie (who provided all the photos), and imaginary liz all made the trek South for memorial day weekend! Here's our thoughts on the first night, which in order was Swedish indie pop songwriter Pelle Carlberg, Austin's Oh No! Oh My!, San Fran's own Still Flyin, and Sweden's indie pop dance extroirdinaires Suburban Kids With Biblical Names.

Pelle Carlberg by Steve Louie

Steve Louie: I arrived maybe half way through Pelle Carlberg's set but I think I caught his best songs. "Go to Hell, Miss Rydell" – a laughable serious song about the press. Guess you gotta be careful that you don't say anything bad about Pelle or he will hunt you down. "Clever Girls Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Live Clever Girls" – best song title.

Keenan Dowers: "Clever Girls" was so my theme song… but alas, I arrived just in time to catch the last minute of Pelle's set, after a 13 hour drive and another half an hour to park in Downton SF on a Thursday. As Oh No! Oh My! started, I realized I was not ready to be surrounded by people and see bands yet (after a million miles of driving), and ended up missing their set. Steve, what did you think of them?

Oh No! Oh My! by Steve Louie

SL: Not much to say but they were good, except the part when the lead singer brought out his acoustic guitar and the songs turned more folkish.

Still Flyin by Steve Louie

KD: As Still Flyin went on, I asked a friend how long they thought it would be until they started, and he said "oh, they're still setting up" (rim shot, please). After hearing the song "Hott Chords" that we podcasted, I was incredibly excited to see this ever growing technically San Francisco based 20+ member pop band. I'd always heard from friends "oh, yeah, they're a reggae band", and I never really believed it, but yeah, they were a reggae band. I have sort of a predisposition against reggae, due to my growing up around hippies, and found myself just a bit disappointed. However, their last few songs (including the afforementioned "Hott Chords") were more ska than reggae, and my friends and I had a dance party in the back of the venue. I'm now looking forward to seeing them again with Love is All on June 8th at Neumo's.

SL: My favourite Still Flyin songs were "Rope Burn" and "The Bird is Aware" – crowd favourites too. The mandatory dancing part of the evening started with these guys. Free style dancing good times.

igLiz: I am so sad to have missed this set (I didn't arrive in San Fran until Friday night) – I can't wait to see them at Neumo's in June and sing along to "Hott Chords" live and in person stylee. You can hear THE song for yourself on our SF Popfest podcast! For the last couple weeks, I've listened to it about five times a day. Whenever the going gets tough… I play "Hott Chords."

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names by Steve Louie

KD: I made sure that I got a spot right up front for Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, as they'd impressed me so much the previous week in New York, and again, they didn't disappoint. In fact, I think they were even better. Check out Steve's video for their song "Funeral Face" (and notice the dance party happening!).


SL: SKWBN carried off where Still Flyin' left off with more than enough infectious dancing to go around. The crowd's waited a long time for these swedes to finally play for the first time in the states. Well worth it.

igLiz: I have yet to see SKWBN live but in my mind they are brilliant. Steve's video (of one of my favorite songs no less) proves my suspicion. Thank you so much for filming! Now off to hunt for more videos of the night so I can feel like I was there.

KD: Steve and I both ended up grabbing setlists (though mine was a present for miss imaginary liz who sadly, couldn't be there).

igLiz: Sidenote: Keenan and Steve rule for making up for the fact that I missed this show.

Peter's Dream
Trees and Squirrels
Guns and Ammo
Marry Me
World Music
Rent a Wreck

Flash forward to the last night of popfest as everyone was saying goodbye, I was talking with Johan fron SKWBN, and a friend of mine walked up and asked him why they weren't bigger than Vampire Weekend. I wish I knew the answer.

Check out the rest of Steve's photos! And stay tuned for the rest of the weekend's coverage!