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Imaginary Indie Tunes Podcast {November 2006}


Three Imaginary Girls created a series of podcasts between 2005-2010 titled the Imaginary Indie Tunes podcast. Each episode served as a mixtape of our favorite songs for each given month, spotlighting the new releases and upcoming shows. {all currently published podcast episodes}


Here’s a look back on our fourth episode, originally published in September 2006. This episode includes a lot of great artists from Seattle and beyond.

PLEASE NOTE!!! This podcast includes a very naughty set of songs (right there smack in the middle of the episode) so put some naughty-cancelling headphones on the kids and coworkers.


Playlist for November 2006

  • The Hot Toddies
    “Seattle” (self-released EP) {facebook}
  • Racetrack
    “Jumping the Shark” (Demo)
  • Man Plus
    “Sister Says I’ll Love Again” (From the self-released LP We Had No Sex) {bandcamp}
  • Argo
    “All You Say” (Pleasurecraft remix) (Demo) {website}
  • Nicky Click
    “Don’t Call Me Baby” (From the self-released LP You’re Already a Member {website}
  • Voxy
    “Chix with Dictionaries” (self-released)
  • Cars Can Be Blue
    “The Dirty Song” (From the Happy Happy Birthday to Me release All the Stuff We Do {facebook}
  • The Trucks
    “Titties” (from the Click Pop release The Trucks)
  • A Gun That Shoots Knives
    “Every Year” (self-released) {bandcamp}
  • We Wrote the Book on Connectors
    “Gonna Eat Some Cake” (self-released) {bandcamp}
  • The Treatment
    “Invisible Bruise” (debut release on Loveless Records)
  • Fernando
    “Everybody Knows” (From the release Exit to Enter)
  • Tea Cozies
    “Tranciting” (From their debut, self-titled EP) {bandcamp}
  • The Snakebites
    “Everybody Feels It When We Get Together” (From the release Love, Hate, Rage, & Sorrow) {bandcamp}


Produced by Three Imaginary Girls
Engineered by DKB productions

Permission to podcast all music in the Imaginary Podcast has been obtained from the artist and is on file at the imaginary office.

Thanks to the Wedding Present for the wonderful opening riff on each episode.


Chop Suey Imaginary Scoop Self-released We Wrote the Book on Connectors

Bounce up and down and cackle madly with We Wrote The Book On Connectors this Saturday at Chop Suey


I first saw We Wrote The Book On Connectors' Ben Baier live playing with H Is For Hellgate, and if you've seen him too you know there's few people that can charm and move a crowd's collective heiny like this vocalist/bassist can. Because he can play superbly while friskily shambling about a stage or crooning with honeyed voice, always adding a non-sequitur or "Hooray!" just when a music-loving mob needs it, he was great with that progressive-rock/riot grrrl band. 

But his own We Wrote The Book On Connectors is where his sense of humor really spikes the song-punch and intoxicates hummable, head-rattling anthems like "Almost Magical" (the delirious hand-clapper the Young Fresh Fellows would be proud to call their own), "The Saddest Wrestling Man" (keyboard-driven WWF fetish They Might be Giants funk pop a roll), and the exquisitely power ballad "Balls In The Face."

These are all on 2008's Ride It Out Like A Turbo Horse, a necessary part of any Seattle music fan's collection, and whiskey-breathed rumor has it they have another fucking-a funny and frug-inspiring full-length coming up soon. More on this soon, because I'm eagerly waiting for it. (The first album also features an ode to their drummer, Rick, featured in the video above.)

Come out to see WWTBOC play Chop Suey this Saturday, July 3, for what is called the ALL AMERICAN COMEDY & MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA, also featuring Tina Beers & The Violet Line, eight bucks advance and ten at the door. The WWTBOC site also lists Afraid of Figs and "that this will be an early one." 

At The Spine Imaginary Scoop Rendezvous The Crocodile We Wrote the Book on Connectors Wehrwolve

My dilemma: I'm going to try to do both Grudge Rock and Wehrwolve this Saturday, April 24

we wrote the book on connectors @ blue moon 4.18.09

(Photo by human?)

I am in luck that both rip-roaring shows are in very close proximity to each other, so it’s not the time-and-mind-squeeze it could have been. But this Saturday night, April 24, my favorite band-and-trivia driven contest/concert Grudge Rock is happening at the Crocodile about the same time as my new favorite Seattle band Wehrwolve is playing at the Rendezvous. I will make it through somehow, possibly killed by over-enjoyment imminent in Belltown that evening.

Here’s the drill again on Grudge Rock: Two local bands go head to head on a Rock ‘n’ Roll family Feud, with all the questions being about MUSIC! A very Three Imaginary Girls kind of community spazz attack. One band will win all the prize money, and the other gets a set of steak knives, you bastards! (And coffee’s for closers!) Just kidding, the LOSERS get consolation prizes. The important thing is that both bands play live, and that it’s hosted by velvet voiced and sexy mutton-chopped Professor Jake Stratton, who unlike Richard Dawson doesn’t try to kiss everyone but instead flies the flair like he does as BloodHag vocalist (RIP now, unfortunately), and Rat City Rollergirls announcer.

This time featuring We Wrote The Book On Connectors  a band I can’t get enough of live (and would love to hear a CD from), which features one of my favorite people in the whole world, Ben Baier, a bass player and vocalist as great as he is lovable and crowd happy-making, versus At The Spine, a band I know nothing about! Okay, let me check around for a minute. (Hmmm, My Space. One moment. Hey, this is a nice page. Duddy doo. OK.) Oh Good Lord! They’re the ones who rocked the Neil Young tribute night at The Crocodile a few weeks ago! I love them too. KEXP has played them, and they have a new album out called Vita I’ll have to hear as well. When bands give me their albums I can write more things about them in places like this!

Presented by PBR! Be there be there be there!

Meanwhile, I have no idea who would sponsor the Rendezvous show from Werhrwolve up the street a little later; we will have to wait till peyote is legalized to probably find that out. Because this band is honking freaking grokking strange! Speaking of strange, The Stranger itself (or Dave Segal, specifically) this week wrote about in a preview of this long-awaited CD release, “Composed of primary songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anders Covert and vocalist/keyboardist Rachel LeBlanc, Wehrwolve are about to release their second album, Interstellar Spaceports Lost,” which he describes as “a nine track excursion into the vast, enigmatic somethingness of space rock’s furthest reaches.” And he’s absolutely correct, if I may agree. I love the Major Tom textures and opiated drive through space debris molasses and delightful stardust-overdosing imploding of Wehrwolve’s sound. Hyperbolic descriptions aside (Never! OK, just this once), Wehrwolve has probably just released just my favorite progressive not at all indie pop but really catchy Seattle band of the year’s debut! You know what? They should give me a CD! I’d play it lots! (In full disclosure, Rachel LeBlanc used to help out with Three Imaginary Girls, before an ecstatic third eye opening-event at a Bumbershoot a couple years back led her into the clutches of this really good, mind-gnawing noise cult.)

The four one ones:

Pabst Blue Ribbon presents:
Rock N’ Roll Family Feud!
Sponsored by: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Jameson Whiskey, Scarecrow Video, Fantagraphics Books, Pierced Hearts Tattoo & Piercing, Singles Going Steady, Puffin’ Glass Studios, Trading Musician, Hardware Salon and Verellen Amplifiers!
$10 21+ 8pm doors/9:30pm exactly show
The Crocodile 2200 2nd ave. – 2nd and Blanchard

Wehrwolve plays with Prehumanity, Grape Attack, the Fruiting Bodies at the Rendezvous, the same night, but as they are headliners I will probably make both shows! Happy ending after all!

Which way are you headed this Saturday night? The imaginary calendar shows there are a bunch of options:

  • Avalo Soul/Corner State/Kissing Girls/DJ Leopold Bloom, High Dive {late}
  • Glitter Bang/Weekend/Luxury A.K./DJ Sharlese/Jodi Bon Jodi, Wildrose
  • The Adrian Xavier Band & Dub Lounge International/NorthWest Sons/DJ Elemental, Nectar
  • Ancient Robots/Lion’s Ambition/Kaymak/Make It So, Neumo’s
  • Shining Skulls/Varnish/The Hoot Hoots, Skylark
  • Blame It On The Girl/Guns Of Barisal, Comet {4pm}
  • Charles Hargis/Patrick Smail/Buzzyshyface, Piecora’s Back Room
  • Spinning Whips/Bad Love Sessions/Low Fi/The Fuzz, Comet {late}
  • Chad Price/Micah Schnabel/Michael D. Damron, High Dive {6pm}
  • “Grudge Rock” – At The Spine vs We Wrote The Book On Connectors, Crocodile
  • Wehrwolve {CD release}/Prehumanity/Gape Attack/The Fruiting Bodies, Rendezvous !
  • Handful Of Luvin’ {album release}/Eli Porter/Kaymak, Showbox SoDo
  • Philly’s Phunkestra/Madly In Dub, Tost
  • Rum Rebellion/Jesus Fucking Christ/Streetwalker/Ubik/The Mother’s Anger, Funhouse


Imaginary Scoop Luke Burbank The Crocodile We Wrote the Book on Connectors

Recommended show: The most raucous Spelling Bee ever… and for a good cause, this Thursday 3/25

Seattle Spelling Bee

The planets have aligned and have brought together the mightiest of Spelling Bees for a wonderful cause: to help fund the King and Snohomish County Regional Spelling Bee.

With the folding of the Seattle PI, so went the traditional funding for the Regional Spelling Bee. Now it’s up to us, the former spelling nerds / current club goers and likely drinkers amongst us to put things back on track… to raise enough money so that lil Beatrice and Baxter can show off their Western Washington know it all “i before e” chops to the Scripps professionals! It is all going down at the Crocodile this Thursday 3/25.

The event will be hosted by TBTL‘s Luke Burbank with fellow TBTL ‘er Sean DeTore and Seattle Spelling Bee Official Johnathan Kyu in the judging booth. Taking the stand to test their speak and spell talents they have lined up Cheezburger’s Ben Huh and Scott Porad, The Stranger’s Lindy West, comedians Solomon Georgio and Kevin Hyder, and Movin’ 92’s Monti.

Surely you’re smarter than all those folks combined, right? Great!  YOU — well, maybe you — can compete too! Seven audience members will get a chance to spell and win Spelling Bee glory as well!

Doors are at 8p and the Bee will start soon there after. Once the brainwork is complete, folks from People’s Republic of Komedy will take the stage followed by a set by We Wrote the Book on Connectors.

Tickets are $10 with all proceeds going to the King and Snohomish County Regional Spelling Bee.

Folks, *we* have to step up and help keep this most American of scholastic events alive (lord knows there aren’t enough events that are both scholastic AND American).  I hope to see you there!

Blood Red Dancers Imaginary Scoop Katie Kate Lisa Dank Nectar No-Fi Soul Rebellion People Eating People Queerbait Spanish for 100 Sunset Tavern The Blue Moon THEESatisfaction We Wrote the Book on Connectors What What Now

This weekend: Happy Birthday to some fellow Seattle music websites

This weekend, some of Seattle’s best music websites (and even better friends) are celebrating their birthdays and they’ve got your weekend booked with fantastic shows that showcase the talent and diversity of the Northwest. Back Beat Seattle is turning one on Friday and Ear Candy is celebrating it’s birthday with what its founder, editor, chief, etc… Travis Hay calls “Ear Candy’s Weekend of Awesome” and has shows Saturday and Sunday night at different clubs. Also quite thrilling: Dagmar and Amelia from Back Beat and Travis from Ear Candy have all written for TIG before starting their own flourishing websites.

Back Beat’s show is Friday at the Blue Moon and it features Blood Red Dancers, THEESatisfaction and What What Now. It all goes down starting at 10pm and you’ll need $5 and ID proving you’re at or over 21 to get in the door.

Saturday night has the first night of Ear Candy’s “Weekend of Awesome” at the Sunset with Spanish for 100, People Eating People and We Wrote the Book on Connectors. It’ll cost just $8 and start at 9 for drinking age adults.

Sunday (Sunday, Sunday) is Ear Candy’s Birthday Bash is a dance party at Nectar with No-Fi Soul Rebellion, Katie Kate, Queerbait! and Lisa Dank. It’ll just be $6 to get in the door (also 21+), which I think it’s so inexpensive so that you’ll have money left over to buy Travis shots for his birthday.

A sincere congratulations and thank you to both Back Beat and Ear Candy for these milestones, for the excellent shows this weekend, for doing such a fabulous job of documenting what happens in the Northwest and for being amazing friends to both Seattle music in general and me in particular.

Discs of Fury Imaginary Scoop The Crocodile We Wrote the Book on Connectors

Rock Opera with We Wrote the Book on Connectors and Discs of Fury this Saturday {1/23}

we wrote the book on connectors @ blue moon 4.18.09

If you’ve ever seen We Wrote the Book on Connectors, you know that they can bring it complete with costumes and hilarity. This Saturday {1/23} at The Crocodile, they are not only bringing on the party, they are taking it up a notch with theatrics of OPERA proportions that they have promised with reach “Queen-level bombastics and fantastic period garb” levels with fellow Seattle band Discs of Fury.

I haven’t heard a lick of what the song choices will be, but I’m certain it’s going to be full of thematic spectacles and well worth the price of admission (and parking).

I personally can’t wait until the Thermals to write a rock opera (they pretty much got there with their third album The Body, The Blood, The Machine, we just need someone to sew up the costumes)… what about you?

Who should be the next to stage a rock opera?

{Photo: Amelia Gydé}

Imaginary Scoop M. Bison Tennis Pro The Crocodile We Wrote the Book on Connectors

Win Tickets to We Wrote the Book on Connectors' Sweet Dreams Prom Night

On Friday night, three very imaginary bands are playing what is billed as “Sweet Dreams Prom 2009” at the Crocodile. It’s headlined by We Wrote the Book on Connectors, a fun rock band that will write a song about you if you pay them $18. They’re a riot live, which their set consists of playing a bunch of silly but catchy pop rock songs.

They explain about this night:

Every so often this town needs to dress up, grab a date, throw some salt on the dance floor and get down like it was high school all over again. Only this time your high school is the Crocodile, and your lunch tickets get you PBR.

We Wrote the Book on Connectors, M. Bison, and Tennis Pro are ready to serve you from the punchbowl of good times at this once in a lifetime event full of formal wear, music, hairstyles from yester-year, and the sexiest chaperones you’ll ever call “coach”.  Come on down to the Croc for a Prom that would make a wallflower pull down their pants and dance.

All these bands have been a staple of the Seattle music scene and are known for putting on incredibly enthusiastic and entertaining performances.  The music is catchy fun, and they’re not afraid to have a good time on stage. Each band will be playing a few nostalgic hits to share with you a big ‘ol good time and celebrate returning to the Crocodile.  So grab your gal, your guy, or your parents, join corsage covered hands on the pedestal of rock and smile for your prom photo (yes there will be prom photos).  No expense has been spared to blow out a Prom with all the fixin’s. This show promises to get you laid, even if we have to do it ourselves.

WE guarantees their $18 songwriting service, so I full expect them to stay with their word in their promise for this show.

Even better: they are joined by two bands we love at TIG: Tennis Pro and M. Bison.

Even better than that (betterer?): We have a pair of tickets to give away to one of our readers. All you need to do is e-mail [email protected] before 5pm on Thursday, July 16 (sorry for the short-notice) with “WE Prom” in the subject line and we’ll draw someone’s name at random. The cover is $10, so if you win, you can get you and your date in for free and you’ll save the money to spend on drinks at the Crocodile bar and give the bartenders a deserved tip (which will make you look even better to your date).

I just wonder if WE will be attempting this song (again):


Brent Amaker & the Rodeo Imaginary Scoop Team Gina The High Dive They Live We Wrote the Book on Connectors

Tonight's recommended show: Ear Candy's Birthday Bash Deux: Bash Harder

This show would have gotten my recommendation for the night even if it wasn't celebrating the second anniversary of my friend Travis Hay's excellent blog from the PI, Ear Candy, and the launch of his new, also excellent, northwest music site Ear Candy Beat.

This is such a great bill because each band is exponentially different from the one that preceded it and the one to follow. Team Gina starts off with their fun, lesbian hip hop and then We Wrote the Book on Connectors are next with their silly "mustache rock". Brent Amaker and the Rodeo is next is some great country music and the night is closed out by They Live, a promising new rap duo of Gatsby (from Cancer Rising, aka Larry Mizell, Jr., the great hip hop columnist for The Stranger) and BlesOne.

They Live was a last-minute addition to the bill when those fucking Fucking Eagles had to drop off the lineup due to a family emergency but They Live will surely close out one of the best parties of the weekend in style. It starts around 9 and costs $10 to get in the door, 21+.

What's on your calendar for the night?

  • Bullitt County/Betty Ford Falcons, Jules Maes
  • The Brian Jonestown Massacre/Flavor Crystals, Neumo's
  • Jason Webley/Sxip Shirey/Serena Tideman, Vera*
  • Colonies/Alligators, Piecora's
  • Nine N Out/Michael Clarke & The Alley Walkers/Scotty P & The Ozone, Mars Bar
  • Mysterious Chocolate/Screen Test, High Dive {6pm}
  • The Fucking Eagles/Brent Amaker & The Rodeo/We Wrote The Book On Connectors/Team Gina, High Dive {late}
  • Girl Trouble/Guns N Rossetti/The Heels, Sunset Tavern !
  • The Classic Crime/Vision & Valor/Look Closer {album release}, Showbox*
  • Robyn Hitchcock & Venus 3, Triple Door* !
  • Destruction/Krisiun/Mantic Ritual, El Corazon*
  • Autolite Strike, Full Tilt Ice Cream*
  • Hot Buttered Rum/Everyone Orchestra, Crocodile
  • Head, Funhouse
  • Ian McFeron Band {album release}, Tractor
  • The Occupation/Skeletons With Flesh On Them/The Quit/Little Penguins, Comet
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    Facts about Funerals Live Show Review M. Bison Nectar We Wrote the Book on Connectors

    M. Bison with Facts About Funerals and We Wrote the Book on Connectors

    One of the things I love about Seattle is that even when major venues are closing down (a moment of silence for the Croc), there are still places I haven't been to shows at and they continue to surprise me. The Nectar Lounge has an ideal set-up: the main floor is completely open with a few tables on the side, and the balcony is v-shaped so that you can see the stage from all of the railing-side tables. Alongside the stage is a garage door made of glass so that, should you need to catch a breath on the patio during an amazing set, you can still hear everything almost as if you were still inside. If Nectar continues to book shows like they have been in the last few months, this is going to be my favorite summer venue – unlike other concerts that get so hot and sticky in the heat because their venue lacks ventilation, Nectar's has a bounty of open space both inside and out.

    Facts About Funerals opened the night with mellow vocal-driven melodies and an announcement by the lead singer that he was the proud papa of an 8 week old baby. Most of their songs fall into the "Buffy band" genre. If you didn't spend the 90's soaking in Joss Whedon's vampire version of the Karate Kid, the local club in Sunnydale always had a live band playing in the background of whatever vampy plot was going down; the bands were always good, but they took a back seat to the main story (or in this case, the next two bands).

    It turns out that Facts About Funerals' bass player and keyboardist were home for the holidays, which explains some of the mellowness – they'll definitely be worth another listen when the band is reunited next month. I especially want to hear a bass line on the bluesy song that popped out of nowhere. Interesting Band Name Trivia, or why a band with "Funerals" in their name plays pop music: last year the band played in Texas and found a funeral-planning pamphlet on the floor with a catchy title. You can guess the rest.

    Next on the stage was We Wrote the Book on Connectors, who broke the rules and wore their own band's shirts to the show. Edgy? Nah. I hunted down the keyboardist at the bar after their set, he says they throw the t-shirts into their costume rotation every once in a while to mix things up. There was a rowdier crowd for WE's louder and peppier sound, although some of that had to do with how many drinks had been imbibed by that point.

    While the majority of the setlist owned the basic pop beat that most indie bands seek to individualize, it was surprising to see D. Murder leap up on stage to rap during "Gonna Eat Some Cake Tonight." Yes! Blatant genre fusion! Hearty arm-pumping approval! Another curious surprise was that during "Captain of the Future," a tribute to all things geek, the whole band broke out into a march-step similar to what your high school band looked like on their first day of practice. Between the ridiculous song lyrics, the cheesy antics of the band doing Captain Kirk imitations and the stage fog boiling over into my drink, I couldn't stop laughing in delight. Since The California Raisins are listed as one of WE's influences, that and their self-proclaimed label of moustache rock is all you need to know before marking your calendar for their next show.

    If you still haven't found the perfecto gift for that hard-to-shop-for woman on your list, I recommend the We Wrote the Book on Connectors granny panties seen at the merch table – they have a design on the butt that begs a good line about moustache rides.

    M. Bison finished up the night with a set to promote their new EP, Not Bad. They dove head-on into a rockblast start that drew the wandering crowd back to center stage, just what you would expect from a band that takes their name from a Streetfighter character. And yet, even though M. Bison has a loud & proud sound that makes you want to thrash around, they also churn out some terribly pretty harmonies – especially during the mashup between indie pop and 50's slow dance that bursts out in "Your Heart is an Organ." That song draws out yearnings in your ear's equivalent to a sweet-tooth, so much so that you'll either have weep in place or grab the nearest person and dance with them (I did a little of both). The next tune involved a go-round on a keytar, making my heart completely burst into a puddle of "kitschy instruments are sooo cool" goo and I floated around in a daze of happiness for the rest of the set.

    The night was a pretty gorgeous mix of super hot bands and super cold weather. As we left, my plus one kept bouncing around using the word "awesome" every three seconds and ended up handing me the keys so they could continue reveling in the nifty line-up we'd just seen. While I originally I was bummed to miss the fabulous set for imaginaryLiz's birthday that was going on at the same time, it was honestly worth it to hear this triad of bands.

    Bre Loughlin Head Like A Kite Imaginary Scoop Ms. Led The Cops The Purrs We Wrote the Book on Connectors

    Much ado about a bunch of Seattle bands

    I've gotten a slew of exciting emails about local bands using their powers of rock for good over the past couple of days, so here's the down-and-dirty update, from my inbox to your imagi-blog:

    • Head Like a Kite flies to Japan next week (!!) to play a showcase in Toyko on Nov 15 at SHIBUYA O-NEST with Muneomi Senju (Voordoms/Boredoms drummer, PARA), the Primrose, Oak, and Avengers in Sci-Fi. Talk about spreading the Seattle love far and wide! They also just signed to LA-based electronic label Mush Records (joining such bands as Her Space Holiday, Busdriver, Daedelus, Lymbyc Systym, and Aesop Rock). Strong work, fellas!
    • The Cops just released their second full-length Free Electricity this week! We hang our heads in shame for not having reviewed it yet… but you can pop on over to Aversion to read their glowing praise for this stellar record. The band will celebrate their CD release at the Crocodile this Friday, November 16th, with two other loud and awesome Seattle bands, the Pleasureboaters and the Whore Moans. Bring ear protection!
    • Bre Loughlin, former front-woman for Seattle bands Kuma and Daylight Basement, has just self-released her debut full-length record Modern American Photo Album and will celebrate with not one but two CD release show this weekend: first on Friday night at Easy Street in West Seattle (with Seattle band Cantona), and then at Neumo's Sunday night, opening for Portland shoegaze-pop band Stars of Track and Field. Check out some new songs by visiting Bre's MySpace.  
    • We Wrote the Book on Connectors have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new songs available for your listening pleasure at their website. From the band: "Each song was individually hand crafted using only the finest ingredients in our secret mustache laboratory at the bottom of the sea. Feel free to download to your imaginary heart's content."
    • The Purrs have a new record (their thrid full-length, for those of you keeping count), called The Chemistry That Keeps Us Together. To celebrate, there will be — you guessed it! — a CD release show at the Sunset this Friday, November 9th, at the Sunset. Seattle band Black Nite Crash and Portland's The Upsidedown are also on the bill.
    • And finally, Ms. Led will be playing in NYC this Saturday, November 10th, as part of the International Pop Overthrow festival. The band plays early (4:30p) at The Baggot Inn, so if any of you are reading over in New York and are looking for a smattering of feminist power-punk, we highly suggest you head on over — Ms. Led puts on one helluva show.

    Any other local band excitement this week that I missed? Be sure to let the imaginary world know by leaving a comment below…