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H is for Hellgate photo by Jenny Jimenez
{photo by Jenny Jimenez}

Forget press releases, music blogs, phone calls from my Mom: I find out most everything in life these days by Facebook status updates. Couples get engaged (or break-up), pals travel to exciting places, former high school classmates make more babies, and bands play rock shows… and call it quits. Guess which event this blog post is about…?

Sadly, I just received a Facebook invite of the band break-up variety: Seattle band H is for Hellgate just posted an event to their final show, and we’re all invited. From the short-but-sweet invite:

“Jon is moving overseas, so Ben and I are putting down H Is for Hellgate. Please come and celebrate our final performance with us.”

Sad, sad news. But should be a great show. It’s at the Comet on Thursday, July 23, with support from Bone Cave Ballet, To the Waves, and Oregon Donor. Be there, and bring your hanky — and some earplugs.