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Lands Farther East. These guys were technically really, really good. Again I'm going to say that musically, their sound wasn't particularly *cute.* It was practically math rock, a la Tristeza or Volta Do Mar, precise and skilled.

I was amused that they tuned their guitars. They only played four songs! But that's what I mean — these guys were exacting musicians. Is that cute? Maybe that could be cute…

The two things that I found most notable were that 1) They played with their backs to us and 2) In their second song, they had a drumbeat that strongly resembled a part from my favorite Sigur Rós song, "hún jörð." They surrounded that with a haze of guitar and bass that allowed me to sink into the judge's couch hypnotized.

Let's see if our honorary-imaginary-all-ages correspondents had anything to add…

"If Modest Mouse and Conor Oberst had a baby…" said Summer. "And they really seemed to enjoy playing to the back wall."

"They had a nice indie pop sound, and the crowd really seemed to be into it. Although their songs lacked variety at times and they seemed to love playing to the wall behind them. All in all, they were really good and fun to listen to. About the whole cute thing, the band was attractive and well dressed, but it seems cute isn't really cute without a certain amount of charm, which they lacked on stage." said Alisha.