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What can Three Imaginary Girls say about The Long Winters that hasn't already been said? They're wonderful.

When we saw them at the Crocodile, they were great. When we saw them at the Paradox a few weeks later, they were great. We saw them at the Block Party, and guess what? They sound great in the sunshine.

Even my Mom, who I dragged to the Capitol Hill Block Party when she flew in from out of town, said, "I actually really like these guys. Two thumbs up for the lead singer. He has a very mature voice."

I know I said this in my last review (and the one before that as well), but I just love their lyrics. In one of their new songs (which I am guessing will be called either "Nobody's Chasing Us" or "Sound of Coming Down") he sings, "Press your lips on the cool glass of my face." That imagery is just gorgeous.

The music of the Long Winters fills up all space — even when the space isn't enclosed. It soars skyward, out to the Sound, and even with the infinite outsideness of it all, the music isn't diluted or dimished. Somehow, the amazing weather merely served to augment. The Long Winters are just that perfect.