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This is the fourth time we're reviewing this band…


Ahem… this is the fourth time you've reviewed this band!


Right, right. So… I'm sure you feel fairly full of reasons why Cinerama is deserving of a movie theater named after them. You know that they were built from the ashes of the Wedding Present, and that their songs of relationship reek of decadence and despondency that leave your heart aching for more.

Ok, you know that already.

But did you know that leading man David Gedge is, at least for the time being, a Seattle resident? What this means for us is that because of some warped twist of luck we can now categorize Cinerama as a local band. Request them on Audioasis, invite them to your barbeque, put them on that Seattle music mix tape you send to your friend in Kansas… Cinerama is now a Seattle treasure!

Does this mean that you are going to drag us to an endless supply of Cinerama shows?

Oh, I mean… I hope this means that we will get to see them more!

Cinerama. Photo by Ryan Schierling.A girl can only hope. What I do think this means is that we have more of a chance that they will begin and conclude tours here, perhaps partake in an occasional acoustic singer-songwriter midweek performance, or name check a Seattle landmark in one of their new songs. I've been waiting for a Vivace reference set to music for years now.

That would be awesome. My vote is for a Top Pot Donuts ditty.


Oh I can hear it already,

"I saw you across the room, with the donut in hand.
Top Pot sign overhead, and you wore his wedding band."


This was my first Cinerama show, and I thought the most notable part was the drummer. Not one piece of that kit went unused.


Cinerama. Photo by Ryan Schierling.Oh… thanks Char… thanks for getting us back on track! I think she foresaw a descent into Cinerama-esque lyrical brainstorming incorporating our favorite local spots. She wanted to head it off before we realized that there should be a whole album dedicated to the Cha Cha Lounge. Although I still haven't seen 8 Mile… I think this is how Eminem got the fever for the flava of the mic.

So now — back on track. Tonight they graced us with a comfortable set of the usual stunning Cinerama standards and… be still my heart, some new ones. My favorite one being "Perfect Blue" — a brilliant nod to the Wedding Present's "Dalliance." It had a teasing delicate beginning and a merciless euphoric climactic ending. That somehow made up for the fact that they didn't do the epic "Wow" as part of the set.

David Gedge epitomized that perfectly awkwardly shy British boyfriend we've all dreamed of having.

Cinerama. Photo by Ryan Schierling.I think the whole audience felt that way. Remember when someone yelled out "We love you David" and without missing a beat he said "That's understandable. I am a very lovable person."

I can hear it now…

"The scent of Vivace in your collar, it brushed against my cheek.
The espresso in my veins, my knees go limp and weak.
I revealed to you my love, in the charged bitter air.
You looked up from the note, and twisted your hair.
With your coy playful smile, my anxiety only worsened.
You only whispered, 'That's understandable, I'm a very lovable person.'"