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Before I tell you too much about Get Set Go, I think you should know a few things: I hate all things L.A. (for no identifiable reason) and tend to drink through or purposely miss opening bands. Sometimes I get lly lucky and show up early, skip the bar and am very pleasantly surprised. Get Set Go at the Comet on the 25th of September is one such occasion.

Get Set Go is one of the tightest three piece bands that I’ve seen in a while. They have a pop-rock sound that is familiar and fun with lyrics that are hysterical (“VKFD” and “Kiss the Girl”) and a little heartbreaking in their truthfulness (“Lonely World” and “Go to the Mattress”). This is the band I would want to go hear when I want to go out with friends, drink too much, dance crazy, and have a hellofa good time.

Mike TV writes lyrics that are entertaining, thoughtful, and catchy. There is something in his descriptions and use of words that reminds me lyrically of Ani Difranco, while the music is power pop with catchy melodies. Their drummer, Amy Wood, is not their first but hopefully their last. I’ve alw102103thought that drumming must be the one of best ways to relieve aggression. Amy Wood hits her kit so hard and so fast, I think she may have relieved more aggression than her own. Not to forget Dr. Modo who reminded me that bassists are allowed to have fun, smile, and move while they are on stage. Remember that bassists everywhere: You don’t have to stand in one spot and look off into the distance as if you would like to be anywhere else but playing with your band.

There is a rumor that Get Set Go is coming back to Seattle next February. You can get more information on them and their album "So You’ve Ruined Your Life" from TSR Records or from .