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Not Your Regular Grandpa: Grampall Jookabox

Show Date: November 14, 2008

There is not much left to tell about PWRFL Power. Myriad articles, interviews, and reviews, about the spoof singer-songwriter creation of Japanese Seattle transplant turned New York denizen Kaz Nomura, from both the local arena and national level, seem to be created at the same rate as his constant stage appearances. This particular Friday night […]

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Grampall Jookabox tonight with PWRFL Power at Vera

There are very few artists who can make the dark night of the soul sound like a broken-down, probably murderous carnival ride, and Grampall Jukebox is one of them. David "Moose" Adamson and Aimee Brown are from the cold, creepy plains of Indianapolis, and that land's combination of arid nature and fucked up civilization glues […]

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