Interested in advertising on Three Imaginary Girls?

We welcome the chance to help you promote your show or band or business to our targeted audience of music fans!

Our website reaches a wonderfully smart demo of awesome readers each month — music and film enthusiasts who enjoy live shows, record stores, book stores, and DIY culture who predominantly live in the Pacific Northwest.

Cheap Ad Rates: The Imaginary Ratecard

There are two ways to advertise with Three Imaginary Girls (ad sizes in pixels):

Big-time bulk price discounts for those who advertise for 3, 6 or 12 months at a time.

1. On our website

Your ad appears in our rad right sidebar, on all pages:

  • $25/month: In the top spot, see the ad box at the top of the column {ad size 270 wide / 225 tall}
  • $25/month: In the third spot down, above the tweet box {ad size 270 wide / up to 600 tall}


2. In our email newsletter to subscribers

Your ad appears in our rad right sidebar of our email to 1,000+ subscribers:

  • $25/email newsletter {ad size 167 wide / 167 tall}
  • $40/email newsletter {ad size¬† 167 wide / up to 350 tall}

To learn more or reserve ad space:
Please contact us at tiglovesu(and mention ‘ads’ in the subject line).

Ways our readers see your ads:

  • Each ad is visible on all our pages and visible to all our readers all the time.
  • There is a maximum of two ads that run on our site at any given time to ensure each ad gets maximum impact.
  • Each advertiser is thanked on the TIG’s Facebook and Twitter for their generosity (each thanks includes full disclosure as advertisers).
  • Multi-month ad placements get a discounted rate!

Notes about ad placements:

  • Your online ad or poster graphic should be 270 pixels wide and a maximum of 400 pixels tall (can be shorter than 400 pixels if you want).
  • Don’t have Photoshop? We are at the ready to help properly size your ad artwork (for free – just ask!).
  • If you would like your ad to appear on TIG, email us 72 hours before you would like it to appear with your artwork, dates you’d like it to appear, and your payment info / paypal address.

If you’d like to just help out TIG… hello!

Visit our Support TIG for fun ways to make our day.

We thank you for your interest!