The Imaginary Interview with Tullycraft - The Railway Prince Hotel. Lego Photo: Sean Tollefson / Band photo: John E. Hollingsworth

Coffee with a Rockstar: An Imaginary Interview with Tullycraft

I’m excited to give a hearty “Welcome back!” to our Coffee with a Rockstar column. We started it back in 2003 (about 10 years before Jerry Seinfeld started drinking coffee with comedians) as a way to find out the coffee preferences (and other important details) from our favorite musicians. In this installment of of CWAR, […]

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Low: Double Negative

Low is performing live at Neumos on Wednesday, 20th March. Concert details and ticket information is available here. For a band who has been around since 1994 and released a dozen studio albums, Low has been incredibly consistent. From the abjectly funereal I Could Live in Hope (1994) to languid reflection of Secret Name (1999), […]

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Captain Marvel

Another year, another entry in the MCU  — only with one HUGE difference: this time, we’ve got a woman in the lead. And it’s a pretty big fucking deal. Set in 1995, Captain Marvel gives us the origin story of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), who starts out as “Vers,” a member of an elite band of […]

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Marissa Nadler: For My Crimes

Marissa Nadler is performing live at The Sunset Tavern in Ballard on Tuesday, 5th March. Concert details and ticket information is available here. “119,657 and the engine blew. 119,657 and I thought of you.” This is the chorus from the excellent last song, “Said Goodbye to that Car,” from Marissa Nadler‘s latest album, For My […]

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Tullycraft - The Railway Prince Hotel. Photo: John E. Hollingsworth

Favorite Album Alert: Tullycraft – The Railway Prince Hotel (and an awesome new video!)

Thanks to my extremely close relationship with each member of Tullycraft, I’ve been lucky enough to listen to their latest batch of songs on repeat for a while now. I’ve been counting the days until I get to discuss the band’s new songs with you and so I’m overjoyed to finally make a huge headline […]

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Interpol - Marauder

Marauder by Interpol

Interpol’s last attempt at experimenting, their 2010 self-titled, face planted. During the recording of that record the band’s bassist Carlos Dengler left the group and the three remaining members salvaged what they could from those sessions. It’s not a terrible album, it just doesn’t hold up alongside the rest of the group’s discography. El Pintor, […]

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Seattle Pop Punk Festival 2019

The Seattle Pop Punk Festival features the return of the Young Fresh Fellows and Lisa Marr and a lot more fun and surprises

The Seattle Pop Punk Festival {January 10-13, 2019} is more than your usual weekend of great music and festivities – it also includes a limited edition 7” release, Dim Sum, and amazing sets by tons of bands, including the return of some of the Pacific Northwest’s most notable and important bands. (1) The release of […]

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