Rainn Wilson Has Friends, And He’s Bringin ‘Em to Paramount

Long gone are the days of Dwight Schrute with his endearing, awkward, know-it-all, beet-loving ridiculousness. Now Rainn Wilson is playing the field, you might say, grabbing gruff and cranky roles (Backstrom), cartoon voice acting roles (Adventure Time!), and the occasional nerdy roles (Star Trek: Discovery). One thing hasn’t changed though, he’s still a big goofy […]

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Swervedriver: Future Ruins

Swervedriver is performing live at El Corazon with Failure on Friday, 19th April. Concert details and ticket information is available here. The movement of independent bands that came out of England in the late 1980s and early 1990s that frequently gets classified as shoegaze, either for the plethora of effects pedals that the bands used […]

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Clockwise, Top Left: Amy Seimetz as Rachel, Jason Clarke as Louis, Hugo Lavoie as Gage, and Jeté Laurence as Ellie in PET SEMATARY, from Paramount Pictures.

Pet Sematary (2019)

It’s always tough for Directors to take on a remake, especially when the original has established itself as a campy classic within the giant catalog of available Stephen King adaptations. But while I’m sympathetic to the challenges Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer faced, I feel like their version of Pet Sematary just did NOT work. […]

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The Hummingbird Project - L to R - Salma Hayek, Alexander Skarsgård, Jesse Eisenberg

The Hummingbird Project

“You really are so f*cking boring.” – Salma Hayek as Eva Torres I mean. That pretty much sums up this movie. The Hummingbird Project is about two cousins: Vicent (Jesse Eisenberg, Eisenberg’ing as hard he possibly can), and Anton (Alexander Skarsgård, balding and *slightly* pot-bellied – aka shocking his many fans by playing outside his […]

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Jordan Peele's Us


Jordan Peele is back with his second horror film, and ohmygod it is a RIDE. Us starts off in 1986, with a tiny television airing a commercial for Hands Across America – the controversial fundraising effort that spurred protests and didn’t really deliver on its lofty promises of helping the homeless (put a pin in […]

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The Imaginary Interview with Tullycraft - The Railway Prince Hotel. Lego Photo: Sean Tollefson / Band photo: John E. Hollingsworth

Coffee with a Rockstar: An Imaginary Interview with Tullycraft

I’m excited to give a hearty “Welcome back!” to our Coffee with a Rockstar column. We started it back in 2003 (about 10 years before Jerry Seinfeld started drinking coffee with comedians) as a way to find out the coffee preferences (and other important details) from our favorite musicians. In this installment of of CWAR, […]

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Low: Double Negative

Low is performing live at Neumos on Wednesday, 20th March. Concert details and ticket information is available here. For a band who has been around since 1994 and released a dozen studio albums, Low has been incredibly consistent. From the abjectly funereal I Could Live in Hope (1994) to languid reflection of Secret Name (1999), […]

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Captain Marvel

Another year, another entry in the MCU  — only with one HUGE difference: this time, we’ve got a woman in the lead. And it’s a pretty big fucking deal. Set in 1995, Captain Marvel gives us the origin story of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), who starts out as “Vers,” a member of an elite band of […]

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