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Never Rarely Sometimes Always 1

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Never Rarely Sometimes Always is one of the most beautiful, real, and heartbreaking coming-of-age stories I’ve ever seen. A story that shows how ugly life can be, especially for women — and also illustrates how the love and support of a friend can guide you through the worst times. Seventeen-year-old Autumn stands on a talent […]

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Margot Robbie as ‘Kayla Pospisil’ and Kate McKinnon as ‘Jess Carr’ in BOMBSHELL. Photo Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle.


While it’s led by a trio of powerful female performances, I ultimately found Director Jay Roach’s fourth-wall breaking take on the Fox News/Roger Ailes scandal frustrating. Bombshell essentially takes all the news stories about Ailes’ takedown and mashes them into a dramatic retelling that shines a light on the women of Fox News — women […]

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Downton Edith

Downton Abbey

Has it really been FOUR YEARS since we’ve seen our beloved Crawleys and their equally beloved downstairs staff? The Downton Abbey movie starts with everyone just as we left them, jumping just slightly ahead to 1927, with news of an unexpected and very exciting overnight visit to Downton by King George V and Queen Mary! […]

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Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, it’s 1969, and actor Rick Dalton (Leo DiCaprio), a former television Western star, is struggling to maintain his celebrity status while his companion, longtime Dalton stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), is struggling to find work. The two men are becoming industry relics as the 60s close — Cliff […]

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Jennifer Kent's The Nightingale

SIFF Take: The Nightingale

The Nightingale focuses on the historical nightmare of the British colonization of Tasmania and The Black War, which led to the genocide of Aboriginal Australians. The story follows Clare (Aisling Franciosi), an Irish convict who is brutalized over and over again by the British soldier, Hawkins (Sam Claflin), who “owns” her. After Hawkins takes away […]

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The Hummingbird Project - L to R - Salma Hayek, Alexander Skarsgård, Jesse Eisenberg

The Hummingbird Project

“You really are so f*cking boring.” – Salma Hayek as Eva Torres I mean. That pretty much sums up this movie. The Hummingbird Project is about two cousins: Vicent (Jesse Eisenberg, Eisenberg’ing as hard he possibly can), and Anton (Alexander Skarsgård, balding and *slightly* pot-bellied – aka shocking his many fans by playing outside his […]

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Eighth Grade Elsie Fisher Josh Hamilton

Eighth Grade: A perfect picture of teen angst

It’s totally weird to watch a movie where you identify with both parent and kid — but that’s where I was at while watching Bo Burnham’s superb Eighth Grade: simultaneously identifying with, and tbh, crushing on, goofy, lovable dad Mark (Josh Hamilton) and feeling the extreme, angsty pain of Kayla (Elsie Fisher – goodgod THIS […]

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Kristen Schaal and Vera Farmiga in Shana Feste's feature Boundaries

SIFF Take: Boundaries

In Boundaries, writer and director Shana Feste introduces us to Laura (Vera Farmiga): a woman working through some serious family boundary issues, and a rescuer of animals with special needs. Like, a LOT of them. Just when she’s feeling ready to be more independent, two things happen: her son, Henry, (Lewis MacDougall) gets kicked out […]

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