The Imaginary Zine - The First 10 Years of Being ImaginaryThank you so much for checking out our commemorative imaginary zine, but also for wanting to read more! The zine sold out (no more issues are for sale), but on this page you’ll find links to full articles excerpted in the zine. See below.

It was a limited run of 333 copies (the handwritten number on the back cover does not lie).

Make sure to check out the full version of the imaginary infographic (idea and design by Char Davidson)!

Please enjoy! And, as always, let us know what you think!

Chapter 1: Such A Simple Plan {2002-2004}

Chapter 2: In This Together {2004-2007}

Chapter 3: We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes {2008-2011}

The Imaginary Mix CD of Very Imaginary Songs

1. “Scared Straight” by The Long Winters {tig zine exclusive!}
2. “Imaginary Girl (Party Mix)” by Tennis Pro {tig zine exclusive!}
3. “On Tape” by Tullycraft
4. “White and Grey” by Math and Physics Club {tig zine exclusive!}
5. “in the morning” by The Femurs {tig zine exclusive!}
6. “White Flag (I’m Afraid)” by BOAT {tig zine exclusive!}
7. “Sunshine All Around” by Exohxo {tig zine exclusive!}
8. “More Demerol” by Your Favorite Book
9. “I Need a New Mentor” by Dolour {tig zine exclusive!}
10. “Vaxxine” by Visqueen
11. “imaginary girls” by Keith John Adams

Of course, there’s always at least one typo in anything that’s actually printed on paper (being an internet-only publishing endeavor certainly has its advantages) and of course, the one that we’ve found so far involves a quote from one of the most important people involved with Three Imaginary Girls. Our hugest of apologies to Jason Doctor for the accidental omission of an attribution for his quote on page 11 of the zine. It’s such a great quote too!!!

Huge thanks and hugs to everyone who took the time to share their imaginary memories with us:

John Richards {John in the Morning, KEXP}, Michael Bracy {Imaginary Boy Embracey}, Jon Wooster, David Drury {Tennis Pro}, Rachel Flotard {Visqueen}, Anna Lange {Anna Banana / Pretty Parlor}, Jason Doctor, Megan Seling {The Stranger / Bake it in a Cake}, Char Davidson {imaginary char}, Cristina Bautista, Larry Rose {Larry’s Lounge, KEXP}, Shannon & Chris Lorraine {The Withholders / The Malinks}, Pete Greenburg, Joseph Riippi, Charles Bert {Math and Physics Club}, Alithea O’Dell, Amy Duchene {Imaginary Stella}, Jasen Samford {Exohxo}, Erik Klemetti {Erik Gonzalez}, Litsa Dremousis {a writer for MSN music}, Corianton Hale, Rick Goral {Seattle Show Posters / Row Boat Press}, D. Crane {BOAT}, Lisa Wood, Chris Estey, Alicia Amiri, Mary Kwatkosky-Lawlor {Imaginary Mimi}, Pete Hilgendorf {The Mangles / Scottish Men of Science}, Jesse Flores, John Osebold {Jose Bold / “AWESOME”}, Kiku Hughes {Imaginary Kiku}, Jen Andrews {Too Beautiful to Live}.