The 38th Seattle International Film Festival is wrapped! We tried our best to give you coverage ALL THE SIFF THINGS (Embracey went FAR beyond all. Seriously). Because that's how we do. Thanks to Imaginary Embracey, Imaginary Amie, Imaginary Rich, and Roxie Rider to getting it all done — in style. 

2012's total film count clocks in at 273 features and 187 shorts screening between May 17 and June 10 — which amounts to a little over 4 weeks of AWESOME. Our full list of coverage is below. 

There were some stand-out shindigs happening this year: SIFF Opening Night featured Seattle filmmaker Lynn Shelton's latest, Your Sister's Sister {ed. note: it's fantastic! and opens in Seattle Friday, 6/15!! ~ imaginary Amie}, Closing Night featured another locally-filmed movie, Grassroots (D. Stephen Gyllenhaal – and also opening in Seattle soon), and there were special tributes to master actress extraodinaire Carrie White Sissy Spacek and the king of pea soup vomit, William Friedkin which both totally ROCKED. 

See you next year … 

Best of SIFF 2012

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Five Picks for the First Weekend of SIFF

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