SIFF 2016

After many glorious nights spent in dark theaters, the 42nd Seattle International Film Festival wrapped up Sunday, June 12 with a closing night screening of The Dressmaker. 

Our imaginary film-loving team (which includes myself, OBVS): imaginary embracey, Roxie Rider, imaginary rich watched screener after screener, hit some premieres, interviewed some amazing people, and recommended our must-see picks.

In short: #SIFF2016 was AWESOME! We can’t wait until next year.

SIFF wants you to party all the time {party all the time, party all the time}
SIFF 2016 Preview: Face the Music
SIFF 2016 Preview: Northwest Connections 

Imaginary SIFF Interview: Megan Griffiths
Imaginary SIFF Interview: 5 questions with Lou Diamond Phillips
Imaginary SIFF Interview: Viggo Mortensen and Matt Ross

SIFF 2016 Photos: The Night Stalker Premiere

SIFF 2016: Week One Highlights
SIFF 2016: Week Two Highlights
SIFF 2016: Week Three Highlights
SIFF 2016: Closing Weekend Highlights
Best of SIFF Showcase {6/17-6/23}

Recommended SIFF: three picks for this weekend (5/20-5/22)
Recommended SIFF: As You Are
Recommended SIFF: Girl Asleep
Recommended SIFF: The Lure
Recommended SIFF: The Tenth Man
Recommended SIFF: The Pistol Shrimps
Recommended SIFF: Viggo, Viggo, Viggo and Viggo!

SIFF Take: Alone
SIFF Take: Burn Burn Burn
SIFF Take: Concerto: A Beethoven Journey
SIFF Take: Other Girls
SIFF Take: Tag
SIFF Take: The Intervention