HELLO FILM FESTIVAL FANS! The 45th Annual Seattle International Film Festival kicked off May 16 with a screening of Seattle filmmaker and icon Lynn Shelton’s latest Sword of Trust, in which two women (Jillian Bell and Michaela Watkins) attempt to unload an inherited Civil War sword onto a curmudgeonly pawnshop owner (Marc Maron) and reluctantly enter a world of conspiracy theory and Southern disillusionment.

This year the festival screened 147 features (plus 4 secret films), 71 documentaries, 12 archival films, and 176 shorts. The lineup includes 33 World premieres (12 features, 21 shorts), 42 North American premieres (27 features, 15 shorts), and 19 US premieres (11 features, 8 shorts).

Team Imaginary  saw as much as they could in this year’s lineup, with previews, reviews, interviews, and more from Imaginary Amie, Imaginary Embracey, and Imaginary Rich as they immersed themselves in the cinema for 25 days and emerged on the other side — possibly hungover, definitely tired, and absolutely entertained.

See y’all next year!!! 

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