Our motivating force is simple: we heart Seattle and music and, most of all, the Pacific Northwest music & film scene.

However, here in imaginary-land, the money is… well, imaginary.

We absolutely adore you for helping to further our cause by just being a part of the website.  Your support, be it by an ad placement, pocket change or simply by a wacky handshake, is what keeps us going.

TIG has always been a volunteer endeavor, and although we have enjoyed years of seeing some of the best shows in Seattle and amazing opportunities to meet incredible folks like yourself, there has never been a paycheck for anyone on staff. All the expenses are covered by us—with the occasional help of a handful of donations, ads, and events that have come in over the years (for which we remain so incredibly grateful).

Currently our annual hosting and website maintenance costs are in the range of $1,000 a year. Your support – whether it be by reading our site, showing love to our advertisers, advertising your great thing with us, or giving a donation – is so greatly appreciated.

We can’t thank you enough for being a part of such a kind and amazing arts community.



THANKS to all the rad people in the photos who shared special times with us and the amazing poster designers who made our events look great from the start (looking at you Rick Goral, Roshan Gurusinghe, Corianton Hale, and more).

Photo credit for the kind photographers who lent their photos for use in our video: Jeanine Anderson, Kelly Bosworth, Kaley Davis, Laura Duffy, John E. Hollingsworth, David Lee, Steve Louie, Nate Manning, Lori Paulson, Derek Pearson, Greg Perez, Amie Simon, Victoria VanBruinisse.

Song used in the video: “Three Imaginary Girls” by Keith John Adams