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Promising Young Woman


There’s a scene near the beginning of PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN where Cassie (Carey Mulligan), our avenging angel, gets catcalled by construction workers. Disheveled and devouring a very messy breakfast sandwich, Cassie stops in her tracks, turns towards the men, and simply STARES at them. No quippy comebacks, no yelling at them — she just stands […]

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Revenge SIFF 2018

SIFF Review: Revenge

HolyCRAP. I was not expecting Revenge to live up to its amazing hype, but it is absolutely worthy of every single bit of praise its getting from critics and fans. Aspiring actress Jen (Matilda Lutz – who was great in the otherwise dreadful Rings, but is AMAZING here) arrives with her super-rich, married boyfriend at […]

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