thank you

thank you

In the summer of 2015, we reached out to our imaginary friends for help. The besties listed below, and some shy ones that chose to remain anonymous, helped us cover the costs to transition to this sparkly WordPress platform and cover our short-term operating costs.

The words “thank you” hardly express the amount of gratitude and appreciation we have for everyone’s support. If you see anyone listed below, give them a round of applause and a high-five.

If you’re interested in further helping Three Imaginary Girls with our website hosting and developer costs (omg thank you!), check out our Support TIG page. There are lots of easy ways to help out. You RULE!

Super Imaginary Hero!

Very Imaginary Person!

Imaginary Friend!

Imaginary Helper!


Want to know more about Three Imaginary Girls and our Indiegogo campaign or the whys and hows of supporting us? Here’s a video!