The 41st Seattle International Film Festival kicked off Thursday, May 14 with a screening of the new Paul Feig comedy Spy starring Melissa McCarthy followed by SIFF’s Opening Night Gala: the party where drinks flow freely, complimentary food is at a premium, and Seattle’s film-lovers discuss their theater schedules for the next three weeks while dancing their fancy-clad socks off. Based on all the selfies we saw the next day, it was a success! (as usual)

Our TIG crew saw a TONNAGE of films, saw some fantastic Q&As, and even got to interview Kevin Bacon and Jason Schwartzman on the red carpet, just like real journalists! Myself, imaginary embracey, Roxie Rider, and imaginary rich somehow made it through Closing Night on June 7, featuring a screening of The Overnight. And now? Well, now we all need long naps before we resurface for more film, music, and recommended fun times coverage here on Three Imaginary Girls.

Until next year, SIFF’ers!

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