Feeling imaginary? Fill up your cupboards with some sweet imaginary gear. We’ve got t-shirts, canvas bags, babywear, mugs, and more… take your pick!

***10th Anniversary Zine + Mix CD***


The Imaginary Zine is a 60-page old school printed zine recounting our first 10 years with some of our favorite blog posts and stories from our imaginary friends.

It also includes a mix cd chock full of rare, live, or exclusive songs by some of our favorite local artists!

The zine was limited run of 333 copies (the hand-numbered back cover does not lie).



We’ve got two styles of mugs to choose from. You can choose between a modest 11 oz. mug with our classic birds design or a 15 oz. mug with our imaginary logo. Both are cool and a perfect mug in which to sip your favorite beverage.

Three Imaginary Girls mugs
Three Imaginary Girls mug

—–Birds Mug  ————— TIG Mug ——-


Three Imaginary Girls Canvas Bag
Three Imaginary Girls Canvas Bag

Birds Canvas Bag  —— TIG Canvas Bag 


Sip your favorite beverage {it doesn’t have to be water!} from the Three Imaginary Girls -themed aluminum bottle without the worry of those nasty plastic chemicals seeping into your drink.

The Imaginary Water Bottle

 20 oz water bottle / Other sizes available via the above link!


Even babies like to be imaginary. Dress the wee one in an imaginary organic cotton onesie for his or her next playdate. There are also short and long-sleeve baby shirts as well in a variety of colors.

imaginary baby onesee
baby wear - shirt

Baby Onesee ———- Toddler Shirt


LADIES imaginary t-shirtSilver, American Apparel (style: 2102)

UNISEX imaginary t-shirtGray, American Apparel (style: 2001)