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Tender Forever set to release quite intense third album for K Records this June 8th

[video:] The story of Tender Forever: Once upon a time there was a young immigrant lost on the streets of Seattle with only $20 to her name. She’d grown up covering sixties pop classics in Bourdeaux, and traveled here with just a sense of adventure. Wandering aimlessly, she then ran into a fellow named Calvin Johnson. […]

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Best of 2007: Erik G's favorite albums

Sometimes I think it takes me waaay too long to come up with my Top 20 albums of a given year. There are a lot of internal debates and arguments that really have no right answer. Really, you reach a point where all the albums are good but how to rank them gets to be […]

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This is the second year in a row that K Records has blindsided me with a ridiculously excellent album right when I thought all the best albums had made their way out into the shops. Much like last years Paper Television by the Blow, Tender Forever has recorded a little synth pop masterpiece called Wider. […]

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