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Author Greg Vandy and Mudhoney's Steve Turner

26 Songs in 30 Days: Greg Vandy’s book about Woody Guthrie’s Columbia River Songs

A history book by local authors about music created in the Pacific Northwest? Of course I was going to read to 26 Songs in 30 Days: Woody Guthrie’s Columbia River Songs and the Planned Promised Land in the Pacific Northwest by Greg Vandy and Daniel Person, and of course I was going to like it. It […]

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Tales from a Brave Ulysses

IV. "Insults and Coffee with Woody Guthrie in Montana" Late-August, 2004. When we get to Montana it is afternoon. We have been driving east for about eight hours, making it onto I-90 out of Seattle at about seven or eight in the morning. Peeds is with me, a high school friend in the passenger seat, […]

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