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In some ways 2003 was a bit of a trying year {with global tyranny and all}, but musically, it ROCKED OUR {and our readers'} PANTS OFF!

To document this incredible astrological alignment of melodic stars, we coerced some readers into committing to imaginary paper their top 10 {or so} list of the best albums of the year. It took a lot of soul searching and sleepless nights on all parts, but Voilà! {or Vwä-lä or Vwaaahlah!} — here is a scientifically and mathematically calculated list of the top imaginary albums of 2003.

We did so in such a scientific and mathmatical manner, that we are offering you the data in more than one configuration for your digestion:

BTW. thanks to all of you who participated, went out to live shows, came to OUR shows, read our site, and helped make 2003 a kickass year to be imaginary.

Rock on and many xo's from your imaginary friends at tig.