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I have recently challenged a co-worker of mine to a driving mix cd competition. We have yet to lay down some concrete ground rules but have decided the mix must be 15 songs in length, the weather must be suitable so as to have all the windows open, and our driving terrain must have a speed limit of (at least) 55 mph. The judges will be our respective best friends who will be along in the backseat. Our drive is scheduled tentatively for late April on a Saturday.

Now, there is nothing better than a driving mix cd. I have been making these since I was a kid when my mixes contained mostly Oasis, Alanis and some random ska groups no one has ever heard of.

There's something wonderful about when the road syncs up with the tones of music, whatever it may be. I have started a draft of songs I immediately thought of as the best songs to drive to: "Pounding by Doves" might be the most perfect driving song ever created. The tune is paced well, the drum beat in the background is suited for hitting the side of the car with your hand and the ending is just electric. Certain other songs come to mind such as the classics (Booker T and the MG's Green Onions) or the smooth (Brubeck's Take Five, for example, is great for night-time driving…) but I thought I would ask you all for some good driving tracks.

Other songs that I have put down are "Hideaway" by Delays, "I am Citizen Insane" by Radiohead, "The Flying Cup Club" by Beirut and "Lettre A Paris" by The Paris Combo.

I am looking forward to this competition, which should be fierce. My co-worker has extensive music knowledge and has told me he plans to bring his "A-game." Please help me beat the pants off this guy. I do believe the winner gets beer.