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Much to my surprise, I had a positively lovely time at the Death Cab for Cutie show last night. I'm usually not a DCFC fan – most of the time I think they're dull and whiny and think there should be hell to pay for the ironic cover of "Complicated".

Yet on Monday night I found myself pretty close to the front in the packed Memorial Stadium with my dear friend Jenny (a big DCFC for well over a decade) and having a great time. The band seemed genuinely happy to be playing at Bumbershoot (unlike Beck, whose set on Saturday night seemed to say "I'm only here because you're paying me – but not paying me enough to care").

I really liked hearing Nick Harmer's bassline to "I Will Possess Your Heart", which sounded huge and epic before a few thousand of my closest friends. I also learned that Harmer, much to his credit, is another member of the prestigious Jan. 23 birthday club).

When the band rocked out while Ben Gibbard maintained the emotional delivery of his lyrics. It was easy to see why this band resonates with so many fans.

Here's the setlist (big thanks goes to Jenny for identifying every song played, most after only a few notes):

1. Bixby Canyon Ridge
2. The New Year
3. Why You'd Want To Live Here
4. Crooked Teeth
5. Long Division
6. Grapevine Fires
7. A Movie Script Ending
8. Company Calls
9. Summer Skin
10. Soul Meets Body
11. I Will Follow You into the Dark
12. I Will Possess Your Heart
13. Cath…
14. Expo '86
15. The Sound of Settling
16. Marching Bands of Manhattan

1. Title and Registration
2. No Sunlight
3. Tiny Vessels
4. Transatlanticism