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You have to love any song that features the lines:

Well I ain't feelin' happy about the state of things in my life/but I'm working to make it better with a six of Miller High Life

Where did those They Might Be Giants go? I have to admit, I've seen TMBG 6 times in concert and sometimes (well, a lot of the time), I miss the pure John & John duo. Not that there's anything particularly wrong with the full band, but listening to this track from their now twenty-one-year-old (gasp!) debut, there is a surliness that seems to have vanished from the band. They were more random, they had more sly criticism of society and they weren't as, well, PG. Of course, the flip side is if they stay the same, you have 2 40+ year old guys doing the same thing they did half-of-their-life ago (please send this memo to Mr. Yankovic). Bah! Recaptured joys of youth, where are you?


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