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Although it may seem we're sitting here in a music reviewer bubble, nestled into our cozy internet caves, it is of course not true–the musicians can and do read what we have to say from time to time.

Needless to say Kaz Nomura, aka PWRFL Power, whom we've had quite the lively discussion about, has seen the comments and said he only read the negative ones because they make him smile. Especially since he apparently played to quite the crowd in his new home of Brooklyn last night.

He confirmed the speculation in my comment is right: He does have a new project in the works. The name of this new project is tentatively called Half Yogurt, and he says just as PWRFL Power is a spoof on the singer-songwriter genre, this endeavor will be a take on the guitar shredder.

Come this October, Kaz and the lovely Ms. Jesy Fortino, aka Tiny Vipers, will be arm in arm with each other down the East coast for a tour.

So, what ever your take on PWRFL Power may be, apparently he is still doing quite well for himself. Oh yeah, and his next plan is to take over the world.