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Word from singer-songwriter/musical collaborator/social butterfly Graig Markel (Animals At Night) about what sounds like a wonderful show tomorrow (2/20):

The Animals at Night show off stuff from our upcoming record (just being finished, hoping to have it out in early summer) with a live set at the Sunset Tavern on Friday, Feb. 20th.

The new material debuts my vocals as heard on some Head Like a Kite collabs, as well as performances from legendary Wrecking Crew member Larry Knechtel (Beach Boys "Pet Sounds", The Byrds, Monkees, Elvis Costello, pretty much any Motown hit recorded on the West Coast and more), Head Like a Kite's Dave Einmo, Terri Moeller (Transmissionary Six, Walkabouts), Zera Marvel, Daniel G. Harmann and many more.

The live material is presented by myself and Joe Patterson. We'll be sharing the bill with Point Juncture, WA (CD Release) and Hotels.

FYI: Make sure to read the fantastic back story of The Wrecking Crew the always astonishing  Chris Burlingame wrote last SIFF season.