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…and if they are to be believed, it is awesome. I've waited anxiously for the next record from my favorite pop star in the world (and she was my favorite pop star in the world before this photo was taken), whose 2004 album Anniemal is easily my favorite album of the 2000s and one of my absolute favorite ever. It is a dance-pop masterpiece with lots of perfectly-produced pop songs in the tradition of Madonna or Kylie Minogue. Only better. Enough about my gushing, though, Pop Justice reports:

Here is the news: Annie's new album, 'Don't Stop', is a complete modern masterpiece and you are going to love it. Most of it was recorded in the last twelve months with new recruits Xenomania joining established collaborators Timo and Richard X, and the result is a mix of styles which won't scare Annie's existing fans but might actually give her some proper hit singles.


Anyway, 'Don't Stop' is an album which somehow manages to cover pretty much everything we love about pop music, and we've got a feeling it's going to tick quite a few of your own boxes, too.

I can't help but be giddy about this record – easily the one I am most excited about for 2008. I just hope that even half of what Pop Justice is reporting is true. Here's the first single from Don't Stop called "I Know You're Girlfriend Hates Me" and here is a fan-made video (the official one was on YouTube briefly but has since been removed). I think this song is glorious and love Richard X's production (he also produced two of my favorite songs from Anniemal: "Me Plus One" and "Chewing Gum").

I can't find a release date right now but I'm sure it's out there. In the meantime, I will be holding my breath.