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There are many, many great things to come from Delaware. Of course, that list is topped by Imaginary Liz but they also are represented by Joe Biden in the Senate and there's Henry Heimlich and, well, you get the point. One other great thing to come from Delaware, though, is The Spinto Band (who happen to be playing at Chop Suey on Tuesday night).

The Spinto Band is a fun pop-rock band that has been at this rock and/or roll business for more than a decade. They have many diverse sounds and influences, but they are at their best when the songs are upbeat and bouncy. I've really been enjoying their latest album Moonwink, which just came out on Park the Van Records about 3 weeks ago.

In the middle of a tour across the US, they have been dragging another excellent buzz band, Frightened Rabbit, along for the ride. They will be getting into Seattle on Tuesday for a show at Chop Suey (which I know I just mentioned) that is all ages and sure to be one of the best ways to spend the last Tuesday night before we vote for another Delawarian to be vice president.

Here's videos from two of my favorite Spinto Band songs, "They All Laughed" and "Summer Grof".