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So, I finally found myself with free time this Saturday night, and my guy and I opted to go see a movie. Among our top choices were Transformers, Ratatouille, and Harry Potter V.

Having read igDana's take on Harry, I figured I'd leave that one to catch at the $3 theatre (I still heart you, The Crest). We really wanted to see Transformers, but the timing wasn't right. So off to Ratatouille we went — and absolutely adored it.

Apparently the rest of the US continent agrees, as these were the top 3 movies coming off the weekend. Which has me thinking…These movies are initially billed as 'kid' movies, at least in principle (I suspect both Transformers and Harry are too violent for most youngins, and so much of the humor and story line in Ratatouille was geared toward the able-to-vote community). But still, we’re talking about a movie based off a cartoon, a movie based off a kids’ book, and an animated Disney flick…

Were these top-grossers because school’s out for the summer, and the theatres are overrun by kids with disposable income? Or are we all experiencing a return-of-Saturn moment simultaneously?