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I’d like to make the world a holiday mixtape…

Remember when the “news” made claim that a Christmas song by the Shins had overtaken Mariah Carey’s holiday anthem as the “the most played holiday song?”

Although I love the Shins, their version of a Paul McCartney holiday song, and the idea of it being the #1 holiday song, I’ve always been a tad suspect.

If we are living in a world in which the Shins can have the #1 holiday song, then I’d like to make the world a holiday mixtape… with these amazing holiday songs (in no particular order) in hopes these will make the #1 list someday.

{Here’s our playlist of the songs available on youtube}

Do you have any we should add to this list?

  • Princess Superstar – “Xmas Swagger” (youtube)
  • Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler – “Home For The Holidays” (youtube)
  • Eux Autres – “Another Christmas At Home” (youtube)
  • Darren Hanlon – “Spend Christmas Day With Me” (youtube)
  • Billy Squier – “Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You” (youtube)
  • Old 97’s – Love The Holidays (youtube)
  • The Wedding Present – “Step Into Christmas” (youtube)
  • Math and Physics Club – “It Must Be Christmas” (youtube)
  • Six Cents and Natalie – “Secret Santa (You Could Be The One)” (youtube)
  • The Dandy Warhols – “Little Drummer Boy” (youtube)
  • The Kinks – “Father Christmas” (youtube)
  • The Ramones – “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)” (youtube)
  • Allo Darlin’ – “Will You Please Spend New Years With Me?” (bandcamp)
  • Sunturns – “The Sun Turns” (bandcamp)
  • Belle & Sebastian – Santa Claus (The Sonics cover) (youtube)
  • The Beths – “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”(bandcamp)
  • Exohxo – “Snoopy’s Christmas (featuring Colin McBride)” (soundcloud)
  • Bright Eyes – Blue Christmas (youtube)
  • ballboy – “Merry Christmas to the Drunks, Merry Christmas to the Lovers” (bandcamp)
  • Bears – “Merry Christmas Have a Happy New Year” (bandcamp)
  • xnerdyspicex – “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” (bandcamp)
  • Wham! – “Last Christmas” (youtube)

Want some more Christmas-song joy? Imaginary Liz has a radio show – here’s the 2020 holiday episode:


Here are some videos to watch on repeat:

This one wins for best video:

A favorite – spot the John Roderick Santa!


I feel like he’s saying “Merry Christmas” right to me!

There should be some sort of trophy for “Best Christmas Song Dance Moves”

And in case you haven’t heard the Shin’s version of “Wonderful Christmastime” – enjoy!

Top photo: Santa John Roderick. Photo credit: Laura Duffy

Ash Billy Squire Emmy the Great Imaginary Scoop Princess Superstar Tim Wheeler

Getting into the holiday spirit by watching videos on repeat

I've found the best way to solidify my holiday cheer is with holiday mix tapes and eggnog. This year I've yet to have a cup of the 'nog (which I hope to remedy at the holiday party for the dayjob tonight), but I  have found myself watching a handful of holiday song videos on repeat and repeat and repeat. I thought I'd share them with you in case you haven't connected with your inner jolly yet.

What's your favorite holiday video? Please share below!
(you can post videos at 500 pixel-width in the comments!!!)

I am so in love with this new holiday album by Tim Wheeler (of Ash) and his girlfriend Emmy the Great.  The album is chock full of classics, like "Zombie Christmas," "Sleigh Me" and "Jesus the Reindeer," that make for a slick, infectious indie-rock holiday soundtrack. This video captures that vibe of the whole album, This Is Christmas and illustrates just how stunningly cute this couple is.

Imaginary Dana passed this along to me early on in the holiday season and I haven't been able to thank her enough. The intro is spectacular (as are the sweaters), but the sing-along is how I daydream every imaginary event will end up (all-star jam!) and gives me joyous visions of new year gaiety.

I've shared this with you before and, if we've recently crossed paths I've sung the line "pumpkin pie on paper plates!" during the course of our conversation. I can't explain it, but it's one of my favorite things of 2011 – so look for it on my best of the year mix. Yes, a holiday song on the end of year mix, beotches! It's that amazing! "Damn, granny got game!"