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Santa John Roderick. Photo credit: Laura Duffy

I’d like to make the world a holiday mixtape…

Remember when the “news” made claim that a Christmas song by the Shins had overtaken Mariah Carey’s holiday anthem as the “the most played holiday song?” Although I love the Shins, their version of a Paul McCartney holiday song, and the idea of it being the #1 holiday song, I’ve always been a tad suspect. […]

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Los Campesinos at Neumos (Nov 2018). Photo: Brady Harvey

You! Me! Dancing! at the Los Campesinos and Illuminati Hotties show at Neumos

Show Date: November 2, 2018

Last week I found myself the farthest from the stage I’ve ever been at a Los Campesinos! show. I couldn’t see much, but it didn’t matter; I was there to hear a bunch of my favorite songs and jump & dance like nobody was watching (which I find easier to do in the back of […]

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Liz was on Seattle's Worst Podcast.

Liz talked about some politics and whether she should take her mom to a pot shop on Seattle’s Worst Podcast

The fellas at Seattle’s Worst Podcast recently invited me to their garage to be a part of their latest episode!!! If the episode title doesn’t give it away, we had an absurdly fun chat. We talked about real estate, Seattle stuff, aaaanndddd a possible activity to try out when my mom visits Seattle this week. […]

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Win a pair of tickets: Seattle’s Tribute to the Last Waltz (Friday, Nov 23)

After many months of preparation, we are mere days away from one of Seattle’s biggest annual show traditions: Seattle’s Tribute to the Last Waltz! On Friday, November 23rd at the Neptune Theatre, join all your favorite luminaries to celebrate the Band’s legendary farewell concert, The Last Waltz. The evening will feature a top-notch backing band […]

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Playback 2018 - October Launch

How to listen to some of the best new local artists for FREE thanks to the Seattle Public Library

Another reason to LOVE Seattle + our wonderful public library + the Seattle music scene: The Seattle Public Library recently launched the latest round of their PlayBack initiative! NOW the amount of amazing local music at your fingertips (for FREE) is up to 200+ albums! Playback, in a nutshell, is: The Seattle Public Library’s PlayBack […]

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The Beths at the Timbre Room (Seattle)

The Beths at The Timbre Room

Show Date: October 2, 2018

The upside to making repeated public exclamations about one of your favorite bands is that when one of your smarty pants friends hears another band of the same ilk, they pass along the important intel. Huge thanks to my super smarty pants friend, Chris Estey, for nonchalantly sending me a link to the debut album […]

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Liz was a guest on Seattle's Worst Podcast / Aug 2018.

I told some of my embarrassing funny stories to the fellas at Seattle’s Worst Podcast

If you’re longtime TIG reader, you’re probably aware that I love podcasts (Roderick on the Line, Criminal, By the Book, How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black, and so many more!). The only thing I love more than listening to podcasts, is podcasting myself. Remember the various Three Imaginary Girls podcast series from 2005-2008? […]

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