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The Trucks

It’s always at least a little disappointing when bands breakup and in the past weeks two popular Northwest bands have decided to call it quits.

First, Bellingham’s The Trucks are splitting. Sound Magazine got the scoop:

The Trucks have run out of gas. Seemingly out of nowhere, Bellingham’s trashed-out queens of glammy gender-tweaking dance pop have suddenly called it quits.The band, consisting of Kristin Allen-Zito, Marissa Moore, Faith Reichel and super badass drummer Lindy McIntyre, had recently been playing a number of higher-profile dates outside of Western Washington (including a six-date stint on the road with Brooklyn’s ladies of hip-hop, Northern State) where they were testing out new material that was reportedly being written for the follow-up to the band’s critically-enjoyed self-titled debut. It seems that those songs will, sadly, be placed in the dump … truck.

The Trucks have one more Seattle show, on October 11, playing A Gun That Shoots Knives’ CD release.

The Pleasureboaters have also decided that their band’s days are behind them. Seattle Weekly’s Rocket Queen, Hannah Levin broke the story (just as she’s broken nearly every other important story in local music over the past several years) in her column this week – and then confirmed on Monday via Reverb. Unfortunately, their MySpace page lists no final shows.

Condolences to both bands and their many fans but I’m sure that their various members will be working on other projects we can stay tuned for.