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One particular local collective I cannot stay away from is the Beep Repaired crew. In deciding what to do last weekend for my birthday night, I even dragged my friends out to the Hollow Earth Radio benefit festival finale, interestingly titled Earthquake!

This is past news, of course, being we are all talking about what we did this recent weekend. But, I was just shown this picture of the Beep Family Orchestra, who gave a very rare and quite haphazard while still being totally entertaining performance.

There was also this amazing photo of my new local obsession, Snowman Plan, whose performance was to be the highlight of my night, except with my timing I arrived JUST as they were done playing:


A big thank you to Flickr user thombert, aka Kevin Parsell for letting us Imaginaries approach him for the use of these pictures, and Levi Fuller (who would be the one yelling in the plaid shirt on the far right of top pic) for bringing them to my attention to share!