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It’s no secret that we here at Three Imaginary Girls LOVE Nana Grizol. The magical twitter birds happened to post this news today:

June 29th at the Mine (5113 Russell Ave NW)

Defiance, OH (Theo NG’s other band)

Kimya Dawson

Your Heart Breaks

Theo Grizol (his solo sets are so magical!)

Chin Up, Meriwether

8pm sharp, $6-$10

Though it’s a Tuesday, we feel this show needs no explanation. Without the horns and the double drums and exploding energy, what’s left in Theo’s songs are beautiful, heartwrenching tales of friendships and relationships so honest and true that it’s hard not to instantly relate.

I recently came into posession of a Nana Grizol Inspirational Pillow Case with the phrase (from the song “Galaxies”) “What you now are seeking hope to realize. Don’t give it til the weekend it will takes weeks months years it will take you your whole life“. Just think about that one for a while and try not to be inspired.

Plus, Defiance, OH are an amazing pop punk band that showcases some of Theo’s songs. Kimya Dawson will warm your heart, and Your Heart Breaks will break it in the best way possible (a recent lyric from a new song changes two words in a favorite Lucksmiths song lyric to “this great dividing range proves we are divisible”, changing from a sweet sentiment to a heart-sinking moment of truth).

Be there. Be ready to be inspired. If you still need more convicing, watch this video from the wonderful Pink Couch Sessions, here’s a video of Theo (and friends) playing “Blackbox” off of this year’s Ruth.