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Somehow I've missed until now the fact that Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana of Disney Channel and tween pop fame) is the daughter of none other than Billy Ray Cyrus, the man you also brought us "Achy Breaky Heart." Talk about as close to the antichrist as one can get to bring us both of those cultural flashpoints. And to top it off, this week, Billy Ray and Miley both have albums in the Billboard Top 20! Of course, Miley is up at #4 while dear ol' dad debuted at #20, but still, it has been awhile since father and daughter have ruled over music, eh?

Prince couldn't beat out NOW 25, with Planet Earth coming in at #3. See? It was all those free British newspapers that did Prince in! What a bastard!

Elsewhere, I'm not sure what an "underclass hero" is, but Sum 41's album by the same name came in at #7 while TIG favorite (although I'm still baffled why) Tegan & Sara came in at #34 with The Con. Even the Yeah Yeah Yeahs cracked the top 100 with their new Is Is EP, striking at #72.

I am amused that down in the hinterlands of the top 100, you might get confused and think it was the 90's again, with Hanson (#62), Garbage (#68) and Silverchair (#70) all making entries with new albums (well, Garbage's is a best of.)